Realtors and the Paper-Free Fail

The concept of a paper-free business has been around for several years and really gained traction with the launch of the first iPad in 2010. Why then is the real estate industry is so far behind the curve with paper-free technology?

The forms and contracts available to Realtors in Florida are controlled by the Florida Association of Realtors (FAR). The systems for using those forms are created by people who do not sell real estate. FAR accomplished something very unique. Instead of using technology to simplify the contract-writing process, forms have become trapped in an overcomplicated system. The vast majority of brokerages that attempt paper-free use the inadequate systems provided by vendors of FAR.

Using paper-free systems should be easier than using paper. This is the belief at Mainframe Real Estate. In order to maintain flawless, truly paper-free systems, Mainframe has taken the initiative to make its forms flexible and easy to use. Mainframe forms free-flow like paper. They aren’t locked in complex systems or require special programs. They allow incredible productivity, on-the-go signing, and a stress-free approach to doing business. It is remarkable that a paper-free office can be so easy, because few companies are doing it right.

Are you a Realtor stuck in a paper-free fail? There is hope. You can wait for the future to come to you, or you can come to the future. Visit us at

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