Property Management

Our experienced agents can help you increase your bottom line while taking the hassle out of managing your property.

Custom Software

Mainframe Real Estate has created proprietary software that reliably controls the finest details of property management, striving for error- and hassle-free transactions.

Easy-To-Read Owner Statements

Get straightforward and detailed monthly owner reports directly to your email.

Rent Collection, Simplified

Our electronic rent collection system creates consistent owner payouts.

Maintenance Requests

Take advantage of our expert and reliable vendor network for all your maintenance needs.

Leasing Services

Our property management offerings also include a menu of leasing services, from pricing and preparing your property for rent to selecting tenants and executing lease agreements.

Our Leasing Services

Rent your property faster—and to the right tenants. Let our experts do the job for you.

Listing Syndication

Promote your property to the largest possible rental market. Our comprehensive listing syndication services will increase viewings and help you rent your property faster.

Complete Background Screening

Don’t rent to just anyone. We provide complete background reports on your prospective tenants, including credit reports, criminal history and verification of employment and previous residence.

Intelligent Lease Agreements

Our lease agreements are built upon many years of experience, which protects against more situations and variables than other agreements.


Our unique rent collection process automatically collects rent from the tenants on the 2nd day of each month. This process ensures that rent from all tenants in our property management division are received at the same time. This allows us to reconcile effectively and create predictability for our owners receiving funds. If there are insufficient funds, we find out quickly and follow through to remedy the situation. Tenants know this is the process before filing their rental application. This process ensures that only the most qualified tenants apply. While this automatic rent collection sounds typical, most property managers that have electronic payments do not possess this capability.

If a tenancy goes perfectly, the fine details of a lease agreement may not seem important. However, the written lease is a property owner’s only protection when things don’t go according to plan. The laws outlined in Florida Landlord Tenant Law only set a baseline of the legal agreements that an owner can have with a tenant. Our attorney-prepared lease agreement covers almost every imaginable scenario and  protects the owner against unforeseen issues. Our lease agreements are thoughtfully crafted and based on decades of property management experience. In addition, our management agreement and lease agreements are built to work together. Our lease agreements put owners’ minds at ease.

Most property management companies provide monthly owner reports in the form of balance sheets that are confusing to read. This is partly due to the fact that other property managers do not have custom software. The intuitive foundation of our software makes owner reports much easier to read.

Each month, property owners receive an email report from our company-owned and operated software, ABE, with a breakdown of the monthly income and expenses. Below is a description for each section of the ABE management reports:

  • Month: ABE sends the owner report when the account is reconciled for the month. Only one report is sent each month.
  • Rent: This is the amount of rent received for the month listed.
  • Invoice Total: This represents the total amount of invoices for the month.
    • Each separate debit or credit is listed on its own line.
    • Vendor invoices are attached to the email with the report.
    • A negative number (i.e.: -$100) is actually a credit against the invoice total.
  • To Owner: This is the amount due to the owner during this month. A separate email from will notify the owner of the exact date of deposit.
  • Notes this Month: Used for describing factors that affect the month report.

We are developing reports that owners can request on demand to their email. Until then, if you would like a history of your account, please email with your request.

When a tenant needs to file a maintenance request, they do so through our online form. This form sends a request into our back-end system, where it can move through the work-order and into completion.
We do not discriminate against anyone because of their race, color, disability, religion, sex, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Tenant Tools

Below are tools for current or prospective tenants of properties managed by Mainframe Real Estate.

Rental Application

File a rental application for a property listed or managed at Mainframe Real Estate.

Maintenance Request

Submit a maintenance request for a property managed by Mainframe Real Estate.

Tenant Resources

View this collection of resources designed for tenants, including general maintenance guidance and the Florida Landlord Tenant Law.

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