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From our industry leadership to our innovative processes and technology, Mainframe is setting new standards in real estate.

In 2012, Mainframe Real Estate opened its first office in Downtown Orlando. Founder Sean Frank had a vision for blending technology with real estate while focusing on a quality experience for agents and customers. Since that time, the company has gained incredible momentum and become one of the preeminent brokerages in the Central Florida region.

Mainframe continues to expand in Florida and has opened a branch location in St. Petersburg to service the gulf coast of Florida.

Mainframe Stats

Top 1% of offices in Central Florida
Top 1% Independent Offices in Central Florida
Top 1% in Downtown Orlando
700+ Homes Sold Within 12 Months
Over $200 Million Sales Volume in 2019

Mainframe stats from MLS data from Jan 1 2019 to December 31 2019. The Florida map is a visual representation of areas serviced by Mainframe Real Estate. 

Core Values


while committed to exceeding expectations


to create extraordinary experiences in real estate


by instilling trust through expertise and empathy


by bringing together people, places, and systems

The Leadership


Sean Frank

CEO + Founder
Meet Sean

John Russell

COO, Co-Founder and Managing Broker
Meet John

Sean Frank, John Russell


Our selective hiring process means that only the best agents work at Mainframe. Our agents love knowing that their colleagues are the best in the business.

We focus on the tools and support that busy and successful agents need.


Out of all the factors that affect the best price and terms when selling your home, partnering with a knowledgable and experienced agent is at the top of the list.

Better Agents

Selective Hiring

We’ve set the bar higher than most real estate companies by selectively hiring reputable agents.

Full Time Agents

Mainframe agents are committed to their full-time careers as real estate professionals.


On average, our agents have been licensed for more than 10 years.

Our Agents Sell More

Agents at Mainframe sell almost 2.3 times more homes than the average agent.

Our Listings Sell Faster

Our agents sell their listings 38% faster, which is almost twice as fast as agents at other companies.

*The above statistics are based on Stellar MLS data from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.

Company-Wide Commitment

Each agent is backed by a company-wide effort to help our customers achieve their goals and dreams.

Marketing Services

Our marketing department provides agents with beautiful marketing so they can focus on their customers.

Agent Collaboration

Our experienced agents share their knowledge and support each other when needed.

Broker Support

When they need it, our agents can quickly contact the broker for support on transaction issues.

Dedicated to Excellence

On a whole, the company is dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction.


Our name, Mainframe Real Estate, alludes to the high-quality framework upon which the company is built. Mainframe provides a uniquely modern and sophisticated brand for real estate.

Clean + Modern

Simple yet sophisticated, our brand and aesthetic convey what is behind the scenes: a focus on quality, simplicity, and dedication to excellence. 


Mainframe Real Estate is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This means the brand name and logo are protected as we grow. Registration numbers 5139910 and 5131438.


Culture can’t be seen—it’s felt. We invite you to experience ours. 

Authentic Relationships

The collaborative and friendly environment at Mainframe has built life-long friendships between our agents.

Opportunity Sharing

Weekly open house opportunities, transaction partnerships, referrals, and more business is shared between agents.

Group Chats

Ask questions. Request vendors. Coordinate and collaborate.


We often make time to plan office events, socials, and other company gatherings.

"I am so incredibly lucky to work at a firm that is so supportive and inclusive with a culture that is second to none. You don’t get that very often in real estate offices. I am absolutely in the right place. I never have had more fun getting to know such an amazing group of people."
Beth Hobart
"Everyone is so real at this company, which means I can be myself, too. My previous office was overcrowded with inexperienced agents who were constantly coming and going. Now I work with many great agents, who have also become great friends."
Scarlett Wheat


Mainframe agents receive readily accessible support and guidance that’s hard to find at other companies. 

Broker Access

Call, text, or email. Have a conversation directly with the broker when you need the support.

Agent Experience

We provide dedicated support to assist agents and provide a completely satisfying experience.

Professional Network

We establish countless relationships in our network so that our agents can save time and money through trusted relationships.

Assistant Training

We know that a trained and empowered assistant is crucial. Allow us to help your assistant develop the best processes for your business.


Need to bounce an idea? We love helping agents run with their next big idea—or saving them from pursuing one they shouldn’t.

Legal Advice

We are aligned with attorneys to get legal advice for our agents quickly.

Tech answers

We provide the platforms, so we have the answers. Allow us to provide you best practices for every aspect of your business.

Company Support
"The support that I receive at Mainframe has been an integral part to the growth of my real estate career. I strategically chose this brokerage for the intimate environment. At any point I can have a meaningful conversation with the broker and be heard."
Katie Bray


Turn-key marketing services allow our agents to focus on what’s important: their customers and transactions.

we create influential ad campaigns

Pivoting on our creativity and innovation, we create annual ad campaigns promoting the agents and company.

Marketing Services

Supported by an experienced marketing and technology department, our agents have quick and effortless access to a variety of services and solutions.

Agent-Centric Branding

Stand proudly in front of the Mainframe brand. We brand agents clearly and visibly on every marketing piece.

Professional + Presentable

Design quality is everything when it comes to marketing. Our focus is to create elegant and professional pieces - every time.

Design Services

Quick and personalized design services for special marketing projects like brochures, signs, postcards, and more.

Click Marketing

Agents are busy. That's why we made it possible to choose from hundreds of custom digital and social media templates to promote your work - in just one click.


Our Technology

Innovation is at our core, and technology is the basis of innovation. Our suite of technology provides a simplified approach to real estate that streamlines the process for agents and customers.


Our Automated Back End system, affectionately called ABE, is an innovative software platform developed by and exclusive to Mainframe Real Estate.

While most companies use multiple, off-the-shelf software solutions that are fragmented and unable to be customized, ABE is a single software platform that Mainframe can continually improve and adapt to the needs of our customers and agents. It’s a powerful, ever-evolving tool for a high-volume agent. 



Forget learning multiple softwares and constantly switching screens. ABE seamlessly does it all.


Repetitive and cumbersome tasks are fully automated for the agents, saving additional time and energy.


Use the web app on the move for the same version of ABE you have on your computer.

Built In-House

Nearly every internal process happens through ABE and each step is perfectly streamlined.

Business Snapshot

Commission calculations are automatic and up front for the agent to view.

Constant Development

We never stop adding features to ABE. Feedback from our agents and a constant influx of ideas contributes to ABE's constant improvement.


Electronic Signatures

With a built-in electronic signature platform, agents can quickly prepare documents for customers to sign and save them automatically to ABE.

Contact Management

Save your contacts, leads, and pull detailed reports about their sales and activities.

Contingency Tracking

Agents are immediately notified about contract contingencies, so no important deadlines are missed.


For new listings that need property photos or yard signs, professional and presentable products are just a click away.


Commission calculations are automatic and up front for the agent to view.

Document Management

Easy document checklists, massive storage abilities, and simple archiving.

Team Collaboration

Teams can collaborate on files while team leaders have an overview of their team like never before.

Property Management

ABE is enabled for property management and leases.


Full-featured reporting for commissions, contact data, transactional data, and more. Agents can analyze their business with speed and accuracy.

More Tech

We leverage incredible tech companies to provide services and solutions for our agents. 

Tech Consulation

Every agent receives a tech consultation when they join, including best practices for managing their tech.

G Suite

Every agent receives a Google account with access to the vast applications of Google.

Direct Deposits

Agents receive ACH deposits on commissions directly into their bank account.

Virtual Phone

Agents get their own extension and have a phone app for their business.


Mainframe offers competitive compensation, a high-level of additional services, and long-term growth strategies for agents.

0 %
Agents start at an 80/20 split. After earning a gross commission of $100,000, during each anniversary year with the company an agent “caps” and earns 95% commission until their next anniversary with the company, with an opportunity to do it again every year. At that time, the agent has earned $80,000 and contributed $20,000* to the company.
  • The $20,000 contribution to the company applies to most regions in which we operate. Some higher-priced markets will have proportionately higher contributions depending on median home price and the revenue sharing of Connect Plus, described below, also is proportionately higher.
  • Team members who work on a team may have different compensation plans.
  • An agent must have earned a gross commission of $50,000 in the last 12 months to be eligible to be hired, unless that agent is a member of a team lead by a team leader.
  • Each agent pays a monthly technology fee of $90 per month.

Connect Plus

Agents want more opportunity, so we created a way to earn a portion of the company’s revenue. You can continue to sell like an agent while now building a business like a broker without the complications or risk.

For each agent or “connection” that you introduce to Mainframe, you can earn up to $1,000 every year. This also applies to the agents they connect with, and so on, up to five connections away from you.

Each capping agent causes up to $5,000 of revenue to be shared each year, $1,000 to each of their five connections as described above. When an agent is halfway to their cap, $500 is paid out to each of the five connections from the agent. The remaining $500 is paid out to each of the five connections when the agent achieves their full cap.

Splits apply to revenue share. This helps every agent to cap quicker each year and encourages agents to continue to sell real estate.

*The numbers above are based on a 25% revenue share of a typical $20,000 company contribution. 




Sell as an Agent |  Build a Business like a Broker

Simple Math

You don’t need to be concerned about complicated equations or unpredictable variables. Connection Plus was designed for simplicity.

Earn Revenue, not Profit

Profit sharing is only beneficial when there is profit, which can fluctuate dramatically. In comparison, revenue sharing is consistent and predictable.

No Limitations

There’s no pressure to connect with other agents and no income limitations if you choose not to.

You connect with Jane. When Jane earns a gross commission of $50,000 and is halfway to her cap, you receive a $500 revenue share commission. When she earns her gross commission of $100,000 and caps, the remaining $500 is paid to you.

You connect with Jane who caps every year. Jane connects with three other agents that cap every year. You will earn $4,000 per year, $1,000 for each agent.

You have been connecting with agents for awhile. You have 30 capping agents that are 5 connections or less from you. You will earn $30,000 each year. A hundred capping agents would be $100,000 in income. The math is that simple and the income potential is limitless!

Mainframe Referrals

Mainframe Referrals is a separate real estate brokerage that strictly provides referral services for real estate licensees.

With Mainframe Referrals, a real estate licensee can maintain an active license, refer buyers and sellers to actively working agents, but not have to be part of or pay fees to the Realtor associations. Agents with Mainframe Referrals receive a referral fee from the commission when the property closes.


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