Whether you are first-time seller or a real estate mogul, selling a property is one of the biggest financial decisions you can make—each and every time.

Home Value

The first step in selling your home is to estimate a sales price. Our tools and experience can help.

  • Don’t leave pricing to machines. Automated valuations like Zestimates aren’t reliable because they are based solely on computer algorithms without human interpretations.
  • Price fairly the first time. The numbers of days on the market greatly affect price perceptions, so price to sell.
  • No comparable sales? Get an appraisal. If there aren’t enough comparable sale values in your neighborhood to set a price with confidence, you may want to consider getting an appraisal before listing your property.
  • Marketing matters. Price perception is greatly influenced by listing descriptions, photography, video tours, listing syndication, and more.
  • Don’t jump at the highest offer. Other factors like repairs, appraisal, and financing can affect the buyer’s ability to close.
Listing Pricing Statistics

Why List with Mainframe? 

Our quality of service and marketing is unmatched, which provide the best circumstances for a smooth and successful sale. 


Out of all the factors that affect your bottom line, partnering with a knowledgable and experienced agent is at the top of the list.

Better Agents

Selective Hiring

We’ve set the bar higher than most real estate companies by selectively hiring reputable agents.

Full Time Agents

Mainframe agents are committed to their full-time careers as real estate professionals.


On average, our agents have been licensed for more than 10 years.

Our Agents Sell More

Agents at Mainframe sell 100% more homes than the average agent.

Our Listings Sell Faster

Our agents sell their listings 67% faster, saving sellers time and money.

*The above statistics are from StellarMLS data for the Orlando Regional only.

Company-Wide Commitment

Each agent is backed by a company-wide effort to help our customers achieve their goals and dreams.

Marketing Services

Our marketing department provides agents with beautiful marketing so they can focus on their customers.

Agent Collaboration

Our experienced agents share their knowledge and support each other when needed.

Broker Support

When they need it, our agents can quickly contact the broker for support on transaction issues.

Dedicated to Excellence

On a whole, the company is dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction.

A Custom Marketing Strategy 

Each property is different and requires a unique approaching to marketing.  You and your listing agent will work together and agree upon the best strategy for positioning your home for sale.


Photography is online curb appeal. Listing photos are a critical factor and can determine how quickly a home sells and for how much.

Almost every buyer starts their home search online. When buyers are rapidly searching through hundreds of listings, snap-second judgments are made based on the photos they see. High-quality photography matters.

Real Estate Photography Process

Trusted Photographers

The photographers on our team are thoroughly vetted and highly skilled at real estate photography.

Weather Corrections

The weather is not predictable, but skies are always blue in Mainframe photos.

Advanced Editing

High-quality editing is not as easy as it sounds. Our expert photographers have mastered the process.

Add-Ons Galore

Options for twilight photos, virtual staging, and more are possibilities, depending on the property.

Listing Syndication

There’s an overwhelming number of real estate sites. We appear on all the ones that matter.

Syndication of MLS listings to hundreds of websites is not a built-in feature available to all real estate agents. Mainframe Real Estate uses the most sophisticated channels of distribution and keeps listings updated across the Internet.


The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is where REALTORS search for properties, and where all syndication begins.

150 Major Websites

Mainframe listings syndicate to major real estate search websites like Zillow and

Other Broker Sites

Listings syndicate to virtually all brokerage websites, thousands in the region.


Listings syndicate to over 100 global sites in 60 countries and include translations.

Florida Advantage

Through Florida Advantage MLS, most agents in Florida can find and search the listings.

Automatic Updates

Updates to your listing are automatically distributed across the internet.

Marketing Enhancements

Not every marketing strategy is the same. You and your agent will decide if the following add-ons are the best way to market your home for sale.

Video Walkthrough

Video is the leader for marketing enhancements, giving buyers a more complete overview of the property and its floor plan.

Drone Photo + Video

Large lots, water views, and other unique properties can benefit from a birds-eye view.


People want to live in a place that feels like home. That’s why furniture staging can enhance the perception for buyers.

Dedicated Website

A website just for your listing may showcase it for being a unique and different property.

Open Houses

A staple in real estate sales, open houses are an efficient means of concentrating a large number of showings into a limited time frame.

Twilight Photos

There’s a special time of day right before the sun has set when properties are shown in a different light.

Even More

Depending on the property and circumstances, there are even more ways to market a home for sale. Your agent may discuss other creative ways to promote your home for sale.

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