Your Checklist After Buying a Home

Your Checklist After You Buy a Home

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced property owner, the journey of settling into a new home brings a sense of anticipation and opportunity. Here is the full list of items to address:

  • Forward address with the US Postal Service
  • Connect utility services
  • Connect cable, phone, and/or internet services
  • Update address with bank and credit cards
  • Update billing information for all auto-payments
  • Update driver’s license and voter registration
  • Review your inspection report to coordinate repairs
  • Update your emergency contact information
  • Change your door locks and security codes
  • Cancel your previous renter’s or homeowner’s insurance
  • Update records with your employer
  • Join your neighborhood association to meet neighbors
  • File for Homestead Tax Exemption if you live in the home


Here is more information about some of the important parts of this checklist.

Forwarding Your Address With the US Postal Service

Initiate your homeownership journey seamlessly by updating your address through the United States Postal Service (USPS). Visit the USPS website or your local post office to set up mail forwarding. Ensure a smooth transition for important documents, bills, and subscriptions as you move into your new dream home.

Make the USPS address update process stress-free. Submitting a Change of Address form online or in-person is quick and easy. By providing accurate details, you guarantee an organized move-in experience, setting a positive tone for your new journey as a homeowner.


Canceling Your Previous Insurance

As a new homeowner, safeguard your investment by reviewing and updating your insurance. Whether you’re transitioning from renter’s insurance or a previous homeowner’s policy, understanding coverage adjustments is crucial. Contact your insurance provider to ensure your new property enjoys comprehensive protection.

Explore securing the right home insurance coverage. Research topics such as home insurance coverage types and considerations tailored for new homeowners to find a policy that’s best for you. Empower yourself to make informed decisions about your insurance, enhancing the security of your new home.


Filing for Homestead Tax Exemption

Maximizing the benefits of homeownership involves understanding the available tax incentives, and filing for homestead tax exemption is a savvy move for new homeowners. A homestead tax exemption is a reduction in the assessed value of your primary residence for property tax purposes. In simple terms, it means you pay less in property taxes, which can result in significant savings over time. The idea behind this exemption is to provide financial relief to homeowners and encourage property ownership. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you not only reduce your property tax burden but also contribute to a more stable and predictable financial future as a homeowner.



With these simple tips, you’ve set the stage for a smooth transition into your new dream home. From updating your address with USPS for an organized move to securing the right insurance coverage for your property, and exploring potential savings through homestead tax exemption, you’re ready to take the wonderful journey of homeownership.

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