Who is This Little Yellow Fellow?


He appeared one day, almost out of no where. A little yellow fellow began appearing in the 3D Showing Simulations at Mainframe Real Estate. He stands at the front door, welcoming you into the 3D environment of the house, but the question remains, who is this little guy?

One thing was apparent from the beginning, he was not from this world. Although he now resides in three-dimensional space, he is clearly from a two-dimensional world. From what we can tell, this little guy loves the 3rd dimension. He’s always exploring the different areas, roaming the city’s 3D map and enjoying his new perspective. In this new dimension, there are perspectives, knowledge, and opportunities that cannot be found in a two-dimensional world. This yellow fellow proves that when you enter the new dimension of real estate, you’ll never want to go back.

But we still don’t know… where did this little guy came from?  What’s his name?  Does he have any plans now that he’s decided to stay in the 3D world? We may not know these things right now, but that’s OK. Certainly time will tell the story of our little yellow fellow.

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