uOwn Real Estate is Changing its Name to Mainframe Real Estate

Orlando’s uOwn Real Estate is changing its name to Mainframe Real Estate. The name change will occur next month, January 2016.

Included in the announcement is news that uOwn Real Estate has discontinued the use of its satellite office in Thornton Park in order to spend more time and resources on the brand and strategy. The company’s headquarters remains at 811 N Orange Avenue in the North Quarter of Downtown Orlando. Ownership and operations will also remain the same.

With only a few agents, uOwn Real Estate opened in 2012. Since that time, the company has established itself as one of Downtown Orlando’s premier boutique real estate agencies. With a small group of highly-skilled and respected agents, the company has closed over $110 million in residential sales in Central Florida, assisted developers in new projects, and manages a sizeable property management portfolio.

uOwn has ownership of various proprietary technologies, including a pending patent on its 3-D touring technology. With an idealistic vision for the future of real estate, the company has intrigued local agents and consumers since it opened.

The name change is the result of a strategic move for the company, which has interest expanding into other markets. The owner, 31-year-old Sean Frank, announced the change to the agents on December 1st, saying: “uOwn Real Estate has always been creative at its core. This has caused the company to evolve significantly since it opened. Now we need a new name to tell our new story. The name Mainframe Real Estate alludes to the high-quality framework this company is built upon.  This unique, sophisticated brand will launch the next phase of company growth.”

For more information about this announcement, email [email protected].

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