Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving with Pets

Moving can be an exciting but stressful experience for most people. It’s even more stressful for pets, who are routine-oriented. It’s often a challenge to relocate with pets, as they can get anxious when there’s unexpected activity and are introduced to a new environment. Follow these tips to help you and your fur babies have a safe and seamless transition to your new home.



Put together an overnight bag to keep your pet happy and comfortable during the move-in stage. This bag can include food, cat litter/waste bags, toys, treats, and grooming tools. Bring your pets favorite items, including their bed, blankets, and other items that makes it feel and smell like home.



During the process of packing and getting things out of the home, it’s best to keep your pets in a quiet area away from the action. Maybe consider leaving them with a family or friend, as well as a kennel for the day to avoid causing stress on them. As you are busy packing and transporting your things, you may not notice if your pet runs out of the house or gets into a box that might get them into trouble.



Create a plan for your pets during move-in day to avoid a chaotic transition to your new home. It’s best to move your belongings and set up as much as possible before moving your pets to your new home. Once you are settled in with your pets, let them adjust slowly to the new environment by gradually introducing them to each room instead of letting them roam freely right away. 



Animals live based off of habits and routines. To keep your pet’s stress levels down, make sure to feed and walk them at their same usual times, as well as keep them entertained by giving them a little extra love and playtime.


If you are crossing state lines, consider reviewing this state-by-state guide to moving with pets to ensure your pets are ready to relocate to a new state. We hope these tips allow you and your pets to have a positive and smooth moving experience!

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