Tips for a Successful Open House

Successful Open House

An open house can be a great way to show a home, generate new prospective buyers, and connect real estate professionals. Now that the has pandemic ended and social distancing is a thing of the past, Realtors and home sellers can go back to hosting in-person, enjoyable and productive open houses. Whether you are a home seller or a Realtor, consider the following tips that can help your open house stand out while attracting potential buyers. 


In order for buyers to truly visualize themselves living in the house, try making it look like a blank canvas by cleaning and staging the listing. Ideally, the home should be decluttered and spotless with no personal items showing. First impressions are everything, so it’s always best to have a pleasant scent to welcome guests as they enter the home. Consider setting up an essential oil diffuser, baking fresh cookies, or adding plants and flowers. 


One way you can set your house apart and attract more attendants is by adding a fun theme to the event. Make your open house more exciting by decorating and offering theme-based food and drinks. There are many concepts you can go with such as the following:

  • Homes and humanity (charity event) 

  • Holiday (christmas, halloween, easter)

  • Hawaiian 

  • Live music

  • Brunch

  • Raffle or contest

  • Let’s taco about a new home (fiesta themed)

  • Fall in love with your new home (fall themed


To ensure people will actually show up to the open house, it’s best to promote it on as many channels as possible. If you’re the home seller, your Realtor will likely take over this part and blast it on their website, social media pages, and email lists. Make sure high-quality photos and videos that show the best features of the house are used for these marketing tools to get people excited to see the home in person. 


Although most people enjoy meeting other people’s pets, it’s best to keep your pets away from the action once the open house starts. Some people may be allergic and not everyone is fan of dogs and cats. Any sign of pets in a house can also be a turnoff for some buyers since pets can contribute to pet smells, messes, and wear tear in the home.


An open house is the perfect opportunity to increase brand awareness and recognition. Consider adding your branding to the following: 

  • Directional signs

  • Welcome signs

  • Counter signs

  • Sign-in sheets

  • Business cards

  • Property brochures


The goal of an open house is to make potential buyers feel at home, while also building relationships with Realtors. Make sure both you and your Realtor are set up for success by keeping these tips in mind when it comes time to host an open house!

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