Smart Homes

A Smart Home is a home equipped with lighting, heating and electronic devices that can communicate with each other and be controlled remotely by phone, computer or tablet.  The thought of a smart home may conjure up images of George Jetson and his futuristic home in the sky, but home automation, once only available to the wealthy, is becoming more and more common.  Most homes do not have these systems built into them, therefore the most common and affordable approach is to retrofit smart products into your home.  This will also bring more value to your home since buyers are looking for the efficiency of homes.  Here are some of the more requested upgrades in smart home technology.

Most buyers are looking for efficiency.  One of the most popular smart home features are automated thermostats for temperature control.  Buyers would like to know their homes’ temperature is being regulated even when they are not home.  You can accommodate your home with Learning Thermostats that can tell when you are home or not, and can regulate the heat or air conditioning accordingly (read more).   It also remembers your temperature adjustments and changes the temperature program accordingly, efficiently running your home.  Controlling lights with a timer has been around for a while, but now you can control lights and appliances from your phone.  Pick and choose which lights you want on or off and at what time, and even turn your coffee pot on from your car on your way home (read more).

Smart security systems are another feature buyers are beginning to expect in homes.  Many people travel frequently for their jobs and need the piece of mind a smart security system allows them to have.  You can see rooms in your home or areas outside your home with the touch of a button.  You can even lock and unlock doors from half way around the world.  Of course if their is a security breach you will be notified instantly as well (read more).

Smart homes come with a myriad of additional features from smart locks to smart entertaining systems and smart window treatments…  With smart homes in this competitive real estate market selling 33% faster, maybe it’s time for you to invest in Smart Home technology.

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