Orlando 2.0 – Life with Creative Village

The $1 Billion Creative Village project is to break ground this week, May 14th, 2015, with approximately $13 Million of construction on the infrastructure for the bus route and the building paths (read more).

The 68-acres of land at the former Amway Arena site will soon be the site of an active “24/7” neighborhood that will attract digital media, tech schools and the “creative class” to that part of Downtown Orlando (read more).  Creative Village is a partnership between the City of Orlando and Creative Village Development, LLC, Bank of America Community Development Corporation and led by a partnership between Craig Ustler, Tim Baker and Brooke Myers. It will be the first of its kind in Central Florida.  Being marketed as a live-work-play neighborhood, Creative Village will be catering to the “Creative Class” (read more) focusing on technology, arts and education.

Creative Village will be built around a central park running north to south and will have an amphitheater serving as central community gathering spot.  There will be about 7 parks throughout the neighborhood appealing to the outdoor types and promoting the “live, work, learn and play” lifestyle.  There will also be 1,500 units of mixed-income housing, including student housing, flats, town homes and brownstones.  They have projected as much of 500,000 square feet of educational space and  over one million square feet of office and “creative” space.  In the spirit of making it a mixed use complex there will be 150,000 square feet of commercial space and of course 150-200 hotel rooms (read more).  University of Central Florida in partnership with EA Sports will be some of the major players to anchor Creative Village.

It is important to mention this project is a combined effort between the public and private sectors, and will take anywhere from 15-20+ years to complete.  While this venture will bring new life to the Parramore area there has been nor will there be any displacement of current residents.

Due to the scope of this massive project, it will take many years to complete, but projects of this magnitude can only be created through smart, sustainable growth.  Creative Village is a game-changing concept in Downtown Orlando. It will further define Orlando as a city of the future and will completely change the physical  and economic landscape of Downtown Orlando.

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