New Construction Homes

Are you considering buying a new construction custom home?  Maybe your looking to buy a new Spec home?  Here are some things to consider…

For many buyers searching for the right home, building a home is a great opportunity to design their dream home and at the same time save money on repairs and having to replace old appliances.  New construction allows you to design your new home from top to bottom.  You get to pick all of the finishes, cabinets and fixtures.  This allows you to pick more energy efficient amenities which are in hot demand right now.  Building your home also allows you to design the floorplan.  From open floor plans, to higher ceilings, to more storage space, new homes are built to suit your family needs (read more).

Spec homes are homes the builder constructs based on speculation of what a buyer would look for.  These spec homes, also known as inventory homes, have already been constructed with a number of options that are already included in the price.  They are available in most communities as move-in ready homes or at various stages of construction. This is the perfect alternative for buyers wanting quality and customization without having to wait for their new home to be built.

Custom built homes can take six months to a year to complete, but spec homes or inventory homes can be ready now or as much as three months out.  Most home builders like to keep a schedule of spec builds, to ensure they have quite a few homes available in different stages of completion for those looking to customize their homes.  Those who invest in a spec home while still in the construction phase can enjoy several customization options, like appliances to flooring, countertops and fixtures as well just to name a few.  This allows you to find your perfect balance between customization and comfort.

Additional benefits of buying a new construction home also include energy and cost savings, as well as new home warranties.  Today’s construction methods and technology mean a more structurally sound home, more efficient home and the warranty on these homes allows for more peace of mind for you and your entire family.  These homes are built to higher standards that make them far more efficient than homes built just 5 years ago.  And the good news is new homes are better for the environment, more energy efficient, and will lower your bills and possibly your taxes (read more).

Photo by Getty Images – Pulte home in Pheonix

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