Making Your Home Eco-Friendly

Eco Friendly Home

Being eco-friendly is becoming more important in the world we live in today as we face environmental issues such as climate change and pollution. You can start being eco-friendly by creating a green, energy-efficient home. While the idea of making your home eco-friendly may sound a bit overwhelming, we’ve put together a few easy, convenient ways you can reduce your home’s carbon footprint. 



According to Unicef, climate change is currently disrupting weather patterns, which can cause weather catastrophes and unpredictable water availability. By the year 2030, experts estimate that global demand for water will outstrip supply by 40%. In addition to spending less time in the shower, consider opting for an aerated or low-flow shower head to lower your water footprint. A low-flow shower head not only saves your water consumption, but also saves you money on your monthly water bill!



Most people are unaware of the many environmental benefits that LED lighting provides. According to SEPCO, LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than traditional incandescent lighting and also draw significantly less power. LED lighting also contains zero toxic elements whereas traditional lighting contains noxious chemicals that contaminate the environment when disposed of in landfill waste. Using LED lightning will not only reduce your home’s carbon footprint, but also can help make your home run more efficiently while helping you save money. LED lights have a life expectancy of 30,000-50,000 hours or longer, while an incandescent light bulb only lasts 8,000 to 10,000 hours.


Simply cleaning your home with natural, eco-friendly products can help protect the planet and also your family’s health. Naturally derived, nontoxic, and biodegradable cleaning products help reduce harmful chemicals in both the air and on the surfaces of your home, creating better air quality and a safer environment. A few popular cleaning products include ECOS, method, and Dr. Bronner’s.  


Homeowners can become energy independent, environmentally friendly, and save money by installing solar panels. Solar energy is cleaner and more sustainable than traditional energy as it doesn’t produce greenhouse gasses. Going solar in Florida, in particular, comes with even more benefits and savings. Florida homeowners can take advantage of their year-round sunny weather by going solar with the aid of generous property and sales tax exemptions, federal incentives, favorable utility programs, and Florida’s Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing.



Your home is a great place to start your eco-friendly journey. As climate change continues to heighten and become a threat to our planet, one way you can help make an impact is by being eco-conscious in the comfort of your own home. Consider these tips for reducing your home’s carbon footprint!

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