Mainframe Real Estate expands into Saint Petersburg and Tampa Bay under the guidance of Market Founder, Bobby Poth

Bobby Poth, St Pete Market Founder

Mainframe Real Estate, a preeminent real estate brokerage in Central Florida, has expanded into the Saint Petersburg and Tampa Bay markets with the opening of a branch office in downtown St. Pete Florida.

The expansion is led by market founder Bobby Poth,  a well-respected broker and real estate instructor in St. Pete. After being introduced to Mainframe Real Estate through an industry colleague, Poth instantly became attracted to the brand, vision, and technology of the growing company that has captivated the Central Florida market.

“From the moment I met with Mainframe, I knew I had to be a part of their expansion into St. Pete and Tampa Bay. Their business tools, in-house technology, and marketing services for agents are unparalleled in our market.”

In an effort to help establish and grow Mainframe Real Estate in these new markets, Poth will convert his brokerage, Poth & Associates, located in Downtown St. Pete, to a Mainframe Real Estate branch office. “My goal has always been to grow offices with the best, brightest, and most professional real estate agents in the market.  Aligning with this innovative company is an opportunity to realize that goal.”

“We feel confident that Mainframe can attract attention, agents, and market share in this new market,” adds John Russell, COO of Mainframe. “If we have the same success as we do in Central Florida, this will quickly become one of the most talked-about real estate companies in the area.”

Mainframe still remains one of Central Florida’s preeminent real estate brokerages and is seeking market founders in other regions throughout Florida.

Mainframe’s downtown St. Pete address is 100 2nd Ave N #220, St. Petersburg, FL 33701.

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