Mainframe Announces new Tech Endeavors, 2023 Ad Campaign, and More

Mainframe Announces Tech Endeavors

Mainframe Positions its Tech for Sale

Mainframe has always self-funded its technology and has no investors or loans. For the first time, the company will be forming partnerships this year to propel its groundbreaking technology. These partnerships will help position the technology for a sale in the coming years. When the tech sells, Mainframe has promised to contribute a portion of the sale proceeds to the agents at the company. 

ABE Software

Mainframe Real Estate’s proprietary software, ABE, is undergoing a complete rebuild to enhance its speed, efficiency, and feature set. Mainframe asserts that the current version of ABE is one of the best platforms in the industry by offering one login for all the tools that busy agents need including: advanced transaction management, a custom e-sign platform, social media graphic generator, and much more. 


The new version of ABE is built upon the proven features and functionality of the current system that has been successfully used for over a decade. With this rebuild, Mainframe Real Estate will advance its lead as an innovator in real estate tech by launching a re-envisionsed version of its agent-centric software.

Customer Accounts

Unprecedented tools for customers before, during, and after a transaction.

Announced last year, Mainframe is in the final stages of development for its new website, property search engine, and customer accounts. The features and functionality of this new tech will provide unprecedented technology for consumers. Beta testing of this tech will begin soon.

  •  Customer Dashboard
  •  Property Searches
  •  Market Trands
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The new software and consumer accounts in the final phases of development include:

  • A custom property search engine for customers and agents to create advanced property searches, share those searches with others, get automatic listing updates, save financing information, and more. Mainframe agents will use this tool in lieu of the MLS for a curated and branded experience for their customers. 
  • A library to sign and access documents through ABE’s custom e-sign platform allows for quick and secure access to to documents for transactions. 
  • Access market trends for consumer searches, educating consumers on market conditions for their specific search criteria. 
  • Agent-Branded Websites: The Mainframe Real Estate website will transform into an agent-branded website for every agent at the company, providing feature-rich tools for consumers.  

Although agents will soon have access to all these tools, these powerful features will later be integrated into the new version of ABE. Once these two systems are integrated, it will be an unparalleled real estate technology stack unlike anything in the industry. Along with this press release, Mainframe has launched a brand new website, providing a sleek and modern design that is not only visually stunning, but also the foundation of the future customer accounts. 

As our new tech projects started to unfold last year, we realized that we were creating one of the best platforms the industry has ever seen,” says Sean Frank, founder and CEO. “But as an independent brokerage, we realized the tech needed a larger platform, which is why we are now positioning it for a sale. As we continue to develop and demonstrate our software, I’m confident it will become highly sought-after in the industry.

Bobby Poth, Realtor
Chess Piece

Your Move.
Our Strategy.

Mainframe Real Estate is excited to announce its sixth ad campaign, themed around the timeless game of chess. With this campaign, Mainframe emphasizes the importance of strategy when buying and selling a home. Much like the game of chess, the real estate market can be complex and full of unexpected moves. But with the right strategy, you can come out ahead.

Company Overview

Founded in 2012, Mainframe Real Estate opened its first office in Downtown Orlando with a vision of blending technology with real estate in order to provide a superior experience for both agents and customers. Today, the company is a beacon for seasoned agents and has attracted top talent from across Central Florida. Mainframe has made remarkable strides, ranking among the top 1% of brokerages in the region. In 2022, the company achieved over $325 million in sales volume throughout 85 cities in Florida and a total sales volume of $1.8 billion to date. Mainframe has operations throughout Florida including St. Pete, Tampa, and now in Miami.

TOP 1%

of Central Florida Brokerage

86 cities

Operated in 86 Cities and 150 Zip Codes in 2022


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