Loving Downtown Orlando – a New Downtown Resource

Downtown Orlando is the heart of a beautiful city. Being located in Downtown, Mainframe Real Estate has a special affinity for this booming LIVE – WORK – PLAY corridor of Orlando. Today Mainframe is releasing a comprehensive resource on its website dedicated to the various areas and history of Downtown Orlando.

Downtown Neighborhoods: View an interactive map of Downtown neighborhoods and learn the boundaries of each one as defined by the City of Orlando. Every Downtown neighborhood has its own profile describing its past and present, including a Google Streetview tour of the most remarkable area for each neighborhood.

Downtown Condos: The Downtown Orlando condo lifestyle has become increasingly popular over the last decade and appears to be the ideal urban lifestyle for many in the area. Each condominium building is featured in its own profile, which spotlights the building information, amenities and more.

Downtown Apartments: The apartments in Downtown Orlando offer a convenient, luxury, lifestyle.  Each apartment community in Downtown has its own profile and information about its amenities.

For Sale in Downtown: Mainframe has created a comprehensive way to search for downtown homes and condos for sale. The listings for sale in each neighborhood and condo community have been separated into individual searches which allows for a detailed and specific real estate search in Downtown Orlando.

History of Orlando: Mainframe has a huge, custom timeline in its office which outlines in words and photos the entire history of the City of Orlando. Learning the history of the city only creates a greater appreciation for how far the its has come.


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