It’s as easy as A – B – E

ABE?  It is the Automated Back End system at Mainframe Real Estate. ABE was created as part of the paper-free systems at Mainframe. It uses transaction data to organize and automate processes that can otherwise become a burden to a real estate agent. It also reduces liability, by creating checks-and-balances throughout the real estate process.ABE is a program that is constantly in evolution as Mainframe Real Estate grows. It is a single resource that provides all of the information needed by agents. Best of all, the user interface is very simple and easy to use.

ABE provides the following systems and automations for Mainframe agents:

Storing transaction data, such as price, contract timeframes, contact information and much more
Showing required paperwork for compliance with state and federal law
Calculating commission in an up-front manner
Sharing files with team members
Maintaining client contact information
Ordering marketing, including 3D Showing Simulations, professional photos and more
Ordering and returning for sale and for rent signs, including Solar-Powered Yard Signs
Viewing reports and graphs on sales volume and net commission
More added all the time!

Real World ExampleIn the state of Florida, it is legally required that the broker of the buyer’s agent request a receipt of escrow within 3 days after escrow is due to a title company or attorney. Without a doubt, this law is completely ignored by most brokers because of how difficult it is to manually do for each file.

When an agent submits their file in ABE, an email automatically gets sent to the escrow agent stating the escrow deadlines and requesting a receipt of escrow. It also informs title and mortgage companies of the contact information for each person involved in the transaction as well as basic contract details. This single automation keeps Mainframe Real Estate compliant to state law and provides emails automatically that the agent would otherwise have to type manually.

This is just one example of what ABE can do. The sky is the limit and Mainframe is adding new features all the time that benefit its agents.

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