Front page of the Orlando Sentinel!

Mainframe Real Estate appeared on the front page of the Orlando Sentinel today with an article featuring our 3D innovations!  The article focuses on two aspects of the technology: the Showing Simulations and our mailing marketing campaign that features a pair of 3D glasses in each mailer. Reporter Walter Pacheco was particularly interested in the use of ‘old school’ anaglyph (red & blue) 3D glasses, as a teaser for introducing the public to the much more sophisticated technology of the Mainframe patent-pending Showing Simulations. The article specifically references our upcoming release of the Sanctuary Condo in 3D and our marketing efforts regarding the release. Although so many people are fascinated and excited about the 3D technology, some ‘old school’ agents are not as receptive to change. We are looking forward to showing them how the next dimension of real estate is becoming the most powerful real estate concept ever imagined.

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