Best Practices for a Safe + Sanitary Home

Cleaning Your Home

Whether you are preparing to sell your home, or simply want to rest assured that your home is safe, implementing a sanitary-cognizant lifestyle has become increasingly important for your health and others. Follow some of these best practices to eliminate unseen germs and sanitize the susceptible surfaces of your home. In doing so, your health, and your potential buyers will thank you!



Before you get started, check your current supply of cleaning and disinfecting products. There is a common misconception between cleaning and disinfecting. Simply put, cleaning refers to the visual elimination of dirt and germs. Though cleaning visual residue helps to limit the spread of germs, disinfecting is the process of killing germs on surfaces. When performed, disinfecting should promptly follow after the surface has been cleaned, or removed of seen dirt and residue, to further reduce the spread of germs and bacteria, as advised by the CDC

This is important to keep in mind when considering what products to use and processes to practice when sanitizing your home. If you are unsure if your current cleaners and disinfectants are eliminating germs from your surfaces, check for the EPA-approval on the product. Be sure to follow the directions closely for each product and practice the use of protective gear when using strong disinfectants. Store products out of reach of pets and children when not in use. Check out the EPA’s recommended steps for safe and effective disinfectant use for further information.



You are likely familiar with the common high-risk areas for any germs or bacteria – though not limited to bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. When considering what surfaces to tackle, take into account any surface that is frequently touched or is occasionally made contact with. For example, the most common surfaces can include door knobs, light switches, remotes, electronics, and other surfaces that require handling. If you are not sure if it’s a necessary surface to clean, determine the likelihood of it coming into contact with others or even in contact with other high-risk surfaces. If so, consider cleaning and disinfecting it. 



If you’re preparing to sell and you’re concerned about practicing safe social distancing as well as the safety and sanitation of your home, consider talking to your agent about setting up a virtual tour. This can act in place of an open house, allowing potential buyers to view your home safely. Not only does it limit the amount of traffic and contact with surfaces in the home, it also serves as exposure to a larger number of potential buyers. Ask your agent to learn how a virtual tour could effectively market your home – while keeping your home healthy. 


Mainframe Real Estate agents are experienced and flexible in marketing your home, even in the midst of challenging circumstances. The safety of our customers and others is on the forefront of all our recommendations and practices. If you are ready to sell your home or have questions about how to safely and effectively market your home during this time, talk to one of our agents today!

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