5 Ways to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Puppy Pets

Are you planning on bringing a new pet home this year? Consider adopting rather than purchasing. Check out a Central Florida local shelter like the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando and be sure to prepare your home to become their home as well. These few tips will help you make your space pet-friendly while also helping your new member settle in.



Be sure to remove any items that could be potentially harmful to your pet – or that you may value not losing (like shoes). Consider their height and abilities to get into certain areas that may pose a risk to them. For example, limiting electric cord exposure and putting cleaners and potentially toxic foods out of reach. Pets can be curious so it’s best to get ahead of their adventures.



 Some animals may experience more anxiety than others when introduced to a new space. Be sure to give them a quiet, reserved space of their own where they can rest. This can include a crate in a quieter area of the house or a plush bed in a corner or smaller room.



 Closing off spaces is recommended to allow the pet to get familiar with less new areas and to help them to learn the structure of your home so they become comfortable quickly. It also can help prevent them from curiously wondering into areas that may pose opportunities for mischief. If your pet will be going outdoors, secure your backyard with fencing to ensure the pet can’t wander beyond the premises.



When buying products, be sure to check the labels to learn what’s chemically safe to use around pets. Pets stores are a great place to shop for pet related products including household cleaners and odor removers that don’t pose risks for your pet’s health.



As your pet grows, so should their surroundings. Consider allowing pets more access and be sure potentially harmful items are still out of easy accessibility. Also make sure to update their belongings to complement their size, such as collars, food bowls, beds and play spaces. This will continue to ensure the environment is still safe and healthy for their growth.


 Make your home a happy and healthy environment for your pets with simple changes and attention to the space. Be sure you are aware of your pet’s behavior as you begin to implement changes so as to help make changes at a pace and in a way that is most comfortable with your pet. With a few small updates, any home can be a pet friendly home!


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