10 Ways to Make Your Home More Valuable Before Showing

Are you preparing your home for sale? Chances are you’re hoping for a short process and a great offer – who isn’t? Achieving this doesn’t have to mean late nights renovating or emptying your pockets to make it happen. Here are 10 easy and affordable tasks to consider that could increase your home’s value, without leaving you or your wallet exhausted.



Painting is a cost-effective update that can create a significant difference in the appearance of your home. To keep the process simple and quick, consider choosing one, light or muted color to refresh any room that may have a vibrant shade, peeling or dullness.



First impressions really do matter. The entry point of your home sets the tone of the rest of the tour – in-person or virtually. It’s also common that potential buyers spend time at the front door conversing before and after in-person tours. Therefore, make it not only a great first impression, but a great final selling point.



If your agent is hosting an open house or virtual tour, refreshing your curb appeal can capture more attendants and viewers. Landscaping not only gives a little added life to the exterior of your home, it’s a smaller expense than painting or doing other exterior cosmetic updates. Be sure that your regular lawn maintenance is sufficient for a showing at any time.



Renting furniture for showings and for the listing photos can benefit the overall value of your home to buyers, but can also be achieved with what you already have. Consider a temporary update to the space by removing more personal items such as family photographs or travel memorabilia and be sure to reduce any clutter.



Carpets take on a majority of daily wear and dirt. Even with regular vacuuming and cleaning, carpets can still appear dingy or worn. The thought of a buyer having to replace flooring can often be a deal-breaker. Consider steam-cleaning carpets to help bring back the natural color and increase the lifespan of the carpet.



Creating an overall pleasant experience for in-person showings can influence a buyer’s decision. Be sure to eliminate any pet, smoke, or other heavy odors. The aroma of a home can either help to deflect offers or keep guests comfortable as they consider putting in an offer.



Opening any curtains or blinds and turning on all lighting in the home can really open up any space – no matter the square footage! Be sure to prepare the lighting before every buyer enters your home.



Take the time to fix any small repairs that may have been put off. Tighten hinges, buff out scuffs, spackle holes – even small details can make a big difference.



Do a walkthrough with your agent before photography and showings! Their experience of what sells and what sways buyers could mean more and faster offers after showing.



Digital marketing is the modern day equivalent of curb appeal. You must have fantastic marketing to increase inquiries and showings on your home. Marketing alone often gets the best offers through the door – quite literally. Talk to your agent about the options and strategies available for your home!



If you’re ready to sell your home, talk to an agent about increasing your home’s value – as well as the effective marketing resources exclusive to Mainframe listings.


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