Once Upon a Home

2021 Campaign

The fourth annual ad campaign for Mainframe creates an escape from reality while assuring customers that their dreams can still come true even in the midst of unprecedented times.
Beth Hobart, Realtor

Once upon a time, 
a rabbit named Homer
had a dream not to be
a forever-renting roamer.

Seeing the other critters
happily in their home,
Homer had a feeling
they didn’t get their alone. 

Kathy Hereford, Realtor
Justin Dalrymple, Realtor

He knew he would need a helping hand. 
Alas! He found the wisest real estate agents
in all the land. 

Home did not know
what he did not know
but the agents had guidance
and homes to show

Nicole Rader, Realtor
LaShawn Norden, Realtor

Some homes too big,
some homes too small. 
How will he find the right one
amongst them all? 

He saw the pixies glow with glee and asked how they found the home of their dreams. 
“It’s simple dear” they replied. 
“You’ll feel it inside,
the heart has never lied.” 

Bobby Poth, Realtor

Full of excitement,
Home hopped to his feet.
“My home sweet home
is waiting for me!” 

Who knew the next one he would see,
would be the once that was meant to be. 

Jessica Polanco, Realtor
Jon Springer, Realtor

Homer thanked the agents with his family all gathered. 
His dreams came true and every bunny lived happily ever after. 

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