Chadia Calo

Chadia is an expert Realtor in Central Florida with a unique and vibrant background that sets her apart. Originally from Puerto Rico, Chadia has called Central Florida home since the age of 3 and has always had an unwavering passion for helping others. Being bilingual allows Chadia to effortlessly bridge the gap between diverse cultures and communities, connecting with a wide range of clients. Having spent 8 years in the health industry before becoming a Realtor, Chadia learned three vital pillars of her business: empathy, communication, and dedication. It’s these three things that have allowed Chadia to become a successful Realtor and why so many clients refer their friends and family to Chadia and continue to use Chadia as their go-to Realtor. Beyond real estate, Chadia finds joy in spending quality time with her amazing family – her loving husband, two wonderful daughters, and three furry pups. When not assisting clients or enjoying family time, she loves gardening and creating a sanctuary of beauty and tranquility.

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