Main Event Conference at Mainframe Real Estate

Mainframe Real Estate Announces New Tech, Market Share, and 2021 Ad Campaign

Company Overview In 2012, Mainframe Real Estate opened the doors to its first office in Downtown Orlando. At the time, founder Sean Frank had a vision for blending technology with real estate while focusing on an overall quality experience for agents and customers. Since that time, the company has gained incredible momentum and has quickly become one of the preeminent brokerages in the Central...

Instant Offers: Is the Convenience Worth the Cost?

Instant offers have become increasingly popular with certain sellers in the real estate industry. This trend is giving sellers the option to get a quicker offer – but often at a high cost. Before making such a substantial financial decision, it’s important for today’s sellers to be aware of the significant trade-offs being made when selling their home to iBuyers. WHAT IS AN iBUYER? iBuyers are...

Smart Homes

A Smart Home is a home equipped with lighting, heating and electronic devices that can communicate with each other and be controlled remotely by phone, computer or tablet.  The thought of a smart home may conjure up images of George Jetson and his futuristic home in the sky, but home automation, once only available to the wealthy, is becoming more and more common.  Most homes do not have these systems...

Mainframe Launches New Website, Sets New Standard

Mainframe Real Estate is once again proving its position as leader in real estate technology. Today, Mainframe unveils its new website, which has the power and flexibility that most real estate companies do not have. To the average user, the website appears just as pleasing as before. Under the hood, there is an entirely new foundation. The biggest factor of this site is that it is responsive, a tech word...

Realtors and the Paper-Free Fail

The concept of a paper-free business has been around for several years and really gained traction with the launch of the first iPad in 2010. Why then is the real estate industry is so far behind the curve with paper-free technology? The forms and contracts available to Realtors in Florida are controlled by the Florida Association of Realtors (FAR). The systems for using those forms are created by people...

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