Rollins College

Rollins College in Winter Park is the first recognized college in Florida and was founded in 1885.  It was founded by New England Congregationalists who wanted to bring their brand of liberal arts education to Florida.  The Rollins campus is approximately 70 acres, and sits on the shores of beautiful Lake Virginia just steps from the downtown Winter Park shopping district, and a few minutes from Downtown Orlando.  Filled with historic buildings and so much history, the campus offers amenities including the Annie Russell Theater for performing arts, the Alfond Sports Center, and the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, to name few.  Early benefactors of Rollins College included a Chicago businessman by the name of Alonzo Rollins (1832-1887), for whom the college is named. Rollins made substantial donations to enable the founding of the college, and was a trustee and its first treasurer.

Rollins offers a variety of programs in 4 divisions; College of Arts and Sciences; College of Professional Studies; Crummer Graduate School of Business; and Hamilton Holt School.  In addition to undergraduate programs, Rollins also offers an MBA program through the Crummer Graduate School of Business, as well as a number of additional graduate degrees.  In 2013 US News and World Report ranked Rollins College for the ninth consecutive year as the number 1 university in the South.  Rollins had held the number 2 spot on the list since 1995.  For 3 consecutive years (2010-2012) Rollins College has also been ranked as one of the best univerties in the nation in both academic and athletic standards according to the NCSA Collegiate Power Rankings