Downtown Orlando Neighborhoods

Orlando, FL, United States

Lake Dot

Address: Lake Dot, Orlando, FL, United States

Lake Dot is a very small district west of I-4 and south of East Colonial Drive. It has a mix of commercial and residential properties.  

South Eola

Address: South Eola, Orlando, FL, United States

South Eola has become one of the most exclusive and expensive neighborhoods in Downtown Orlando. Located south of Lake Eola Park, South Eola is comprised almost exclusively of condo high-rises and mixed-use buildings. The makeup of this neighborhood creates the perfect urban lifestyle, with convenient shopping and restaurants, while just steps …

Lawsona I Ferncreek

Address: Lawsona/ Fern Creek, Orlando, FL, United States

The Lawsona I Ferncreek neighborhood is one of the most treasured historic districts in Downtown Orlando. The Lake Lawsona Historic District was established by the City of Orlando in 1994 to preserve the historical significance of its homes. After Lake Eola Park, this neighborhood contains more city park than any other …

Park Lake I Highland

Address: Park Lake, Highland Avenue, Orlando, FL, United States

Park Lake I Highland is a neighborhood located just north of Colonial Drive. Part of the appeal for this area was the establishment of Lake Highland Preparatory School, the largest private school in Orlando. Founded in 1970, the school has contributed to the growth and demand of the area, as …

Lake Eola Park

Address: Lake Eola Park, East Washington Street, Orlando, FL, United States

Lake Eola Park is the centerpiece of beautiful Downtown Orlando. Lake Eola Park is a popular destination in Downtown, regularly hosting events and festivals. The lake is most famous for its fountain, officially known as the Centennial Fountain, but commonly known as the Lake Eola fountain. The fountain was originally …

Central Business District

Address: Central Business District, Orlando, FL, United States

The Central Business District in  is the heart of Downtown Orlando's economy. The majority of the high-rises in Downtown are located here, with City Hall at the southern most point of the district. In addition to many business, there are also a number of churches, restaurants, bars and night clubs. …

Lake Cherokee

Address: Lake Cherokee, Orlando, FL, United States

Lake Cherokee is a historic downtown neighborhood located south of Anderson Street between Delaney Avenue and Summerlin Avenue. It was established as a historic district with the City of Orlando in 1981. Because of Lake Cherokee, Cherokee Park, and nearby Lake Davis neighborhood, the Lake Cherokee neighborhood is one of …

Lake Davis

Address: Lake Davis, Orlando, FL, United States

Lake Davis is a historic downtown neighborhood surrounding Lake Davis Park. With sweeping views of the downtown skyline over Lake Davis Park, select homes in this neighborhood arguably have some of the most picturesque views in the city. The City of Orlando includes Greenwood in the Lake Davis neighborhood district.


Address: Greenwood, Orlando, FL, United States

The Greenwood neighborhood is a charming, small neighborhood among great neighborhoods like Lake Davis. Just east of the neighborhood is Greenwood Urban Wetland, one of the most unexpected landscapes of any city park. Just east of the park is the 82 acre Greenwood Cemetery, which comprises the majority of the district. …


Address: Callahan, Orlando, FL, United States

Callahan is a Downtown Orlando neighborhood west of I-4 and north of Central Boulevard. The district was once home to the Amway Arena, which was imploded to convert the 68 acres into Creative Village, an enormous mixed-used project. Creative Village will contain educational, commercial, and residential developments. The 15-year project …

Colonialtown North & South

Address: Colonialtown North, Orlando, FL, United States

Colonialtown North & South are two distinctly differently neighborhoods, divided by East Colonial Drive. Both neighborhoods have the advantage of their proximity to an abundance of shopping, restaurants, and the Fashion Square Mall. These two neighborhoods and the stretch of Colonial that separates them is very eclectic, attracting a variety of …


Address: Coytown, Orlando, FL, United States

Coytown is one of Downtown's smallest neighborhoods. It's often thought to be a part of Colonialtown North due to its very similar atmosphere and close proximity. Shopping and restaurants on East Colonial Drive are very close and convenient.

East Central Park

Address: East Central Park, Orlando, FL, United States

East Central Park is a more robust area than one may think. The district is near or contains some of the history's biggest influences. The Orlando Executive Airport, once a military base, is located just east of East Central Park. A business founded in early Orlando history was TG-Lee, which …

Audubon Park

Address: Audubon Park, Orlando, FL, United States

Audubon Park is a downtown neighborhood, appropriately named for its many streets with references to bird species. Audubon Park has the benefit of being located immediately west of the new Baldwin Park development, which has improved property values and brought additional shops and restaurants to the area. Audubon Park is bordered on …

Lake Como

Address: Lake Como, Orlando, FL, United States

Lake Como is a quiet neighborhood located between Greenwood and Lake Underhill. Bumby Avenue travels around Lake Como Park and the small lake in the center. The lake and park are small and circular and the streets of the neighborhood reflect this circular pattern. The unconventional circular streets deter drive through traffic and …

Lake Underhill

Address: Lake Underhill, Orlando, FL, United States

The Lake Underhill neighborhood borders the south side of Lake Underhill Park. Just south of this neighborhood are Lake Arnold and Lake Giles, which add to the value of the houses in this area. Lake Underhill Park received huge improvements with the expansion of the 408 bridge and extension of …

Orwin Manor

Address: Orwin Manor, Orlando, FL, United States

The name Orwin Manor comes from a combination of Orlando and Winter Park, because the neighborhood is split between the two cities. Although some homes were developed in the late 1800's, much of the neighborhood began establishment in the 1920's. The neighborhood begins just north of Florida Hospital on Orange …

Rowena Gardens

Address: Rowena Gardens, Orlando, FL, United States

Rowena Gardens is a small neighborhood north of downtown, bordering the south side of Rose Isle. Nearly half of the Rowena Gardens district is comprised of the historic and phenomenal Harry P Leu Gardens. The nearly 50-acre garden consists of landscaped grounds, lakes and meandering trails. The gardens were deeded to the …

Delaney Park

Address: Delaney Park, Orlando, FL, United States

Delaney Park is a popular and highly-regarded neighborhood in Downtown Orlando. It is named after the 7.25 acre park, which is one of the oldest in Orlando. The Delaney Park neighborhood is mature and well-established, with the original brick roads, mature trees, and a variety of appealing properties. Delaney Park's close …

Wadeview Park

Address: Wadeview Park, Orlando, FL, United States

Wadeview Park is located south of Downtown Orlando in an area that has been revitalized by the nearby SODO (South of Downtown Orlando) development which brought restaurants and a Super Target to the area. Wadeview is also known for Wadeview Park which is heavily shaded by pine trees and offers …

Lancaster Park

Address: Lancaster Park, Orlando, FL, United States

Lancaster Park is a secluded downtown neighborhood amongst tremendous live oaks. Because this neighborhood gets little drive-through traffic, it's one of the best kept secrets in Downtown Orlando. The Lancaster Park neighborhood is rather small, existing only south of Lake Lancaster, north of Kaley Ave and west of Ferncreek Ave. …

Bel Air

Address: 4005 Kasper Dr, Orlando, FL 32806, USA

Lake Weldona

Address: Lake Weldona, Orlando, FL, United States

Lake Weldona is a small, yet desirable neighborhood in Downtown Orlando, bordered by other popular neighborhoods like Bel Air, Lake Lancaster and Lake Davis. Surrounded by beautiful parks and public spaces and gracious homes Lake Weldona has become a very desirable area for some.

Lake Copeland

Address: Lake Copeland, Orlando, FL, United States

Lake Copeland is a small neighborhood south of Downtown Orlando surrounding the body of water, Lake Copeland. The neighborhood is just west of Delaney Park and is very close to the Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC). Due to the proximity to Orange Ave, traveling to I-4 and 408 is very easy.


Address: Pineloch, Orlando FL

Pineloch is a neighborhood on the south-east corner of Orlando Avenue and Michigan Avenue. The boundaries are not consistent, and much of this district contains commercial property, primarily the Orlando Avenue Shopping Center. The recent re-development of the shopping center has increased the appeal and dining options in the immediate …


Address: Conway, Orlando FL

Conway is a large neighborhood located in unincorporated Orange County. Although Conway is a distinct region along Conway Road, the entire area encompassing the Conway Chain of Lakes is sometimes referred to as Conway. The Conway Chain of Lakes is one of the largest in Central Florida and attracts amazing …

Holden I Parramore

Address: Holden, Orlando, Florida, United States

Holden I Parramore is the district of downtown west of I-4 and south of Central Boulevard. The Holden I Parramore district is the location of the new Amway Center, City View apartments, HD Supply, the Florida A&M University School of Law and the Federal Courthouse.  It is also the home …

Rock Lake

Address: Rock Lake, Orlando, FL, United States

Rock Lake is a small neighborhood in downtown west of I-4. The body of water, Rock Lake, is the largest in this western part of downtown.  

College Park

Address: College Park, Orlando, FL, United States

Baldwin Park

Address: Baldwin Park, Orlando, FL, United States

Baldwin Park is an upscale neighborhood located just outside of Downtown Orlando. Once a Navy Training Center, the 1,100 acres are now a meticulously manicured neighborhood comprised of all new homes -a rarity for the Downtown area. As one of the hottest real estate locations in Orlando, it is now …

Rose Isle

Address: Rose Isle, Orlando, FL, United States

Rose Isle is an incredibly desirable and expensive neighborhood north of Downtown Orlando. Although technically in Orlando, the neighborhood is similar to Winter Park. Bordered by Lake Rowena, Lake Estelle and Lake Sue, the neighborhood contains many lakefront homes and is secluded with little drive through traffic. The western portion …

Lake Eola Heights

Address: Lake Eola Heights, Orlando, FL, United States

Lake Eola Heights is a historic neighborhood located just north of Lake Eola Park between East Colonial Dr and Robinson Street. Part of the neighborhood is located in the 32801 zip code, but the majority is located in 32803 zip code. Most of the residential areas of the neighborhood are …

Thornton Park

Address: Thornton Park, Orlando, FL, United States

Thornton Park is a popular neighborhood in Downtown Orlando, located east of Lake Eola Park and Summerlin Ave. Partially located in the Lake Lawsona Historic District, Thornton Park is a charming historic neighborhood established early in Orlando history. The neighborhood still retains its brick roads, majestic oaks and charming bungalows. Now, Thornton …

Downtown Orlando has a variety neighborhoods, each with its own history and distinct character. The historic districts contain homes over 100 years old, but revitalization has also brought new construction to the area.


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