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  • 55 West on the Esplanade
    55 West on the Esplanade is one of the most popular rental high rises in downtown Orlando. Standing 32 stories high, the building is one of the tallest in Orlando. Originally designed to be(...)
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  • 101 Eola Condo
    101 Eola Condo, built in 2008, is one of the few FHA approved condos in Downtown Orlando. The building has a total of 12 stories, consisting of 146 residential units, 8 of which are penthouses.(...)
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  • 530 E Central
    530 E Central was the original high-rise condo overlooking Lake Eola Park. It consists of 152 residential units spanning 20 stories. The building amenities at 530 E Central Blvd include a heated(...)
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  • A&M Homes
      A&M Homes is an extraordinary new home builder in Central(...)
  • Ad Valorem
    Ad Valorem is Latin for “according to value”.  An Ad Valorem Tax is a tax based on any assessed value of real estate as determined by your local property appraiser.
  • Agency
    Agency is an agreed upon relationship wherein one party authorizes another party to represent them in dealing with a third party during real estate negotiations.
  • Alabama Condo
    The Alabama Condo is a luxurious condo located in the heart of Historic Olde Winter Park, and was built in 1921.  Originally built as a hotel, The Alabama Hotel, this historic building sits on a(...)
  • Altamonte Springs
    Altamonte Springs is a suburban city in Seminole County with over 50,000 residents, parks, shopping centers and a(...)
  • Amortized Loan
    An Amortized Loan is a loan in which the principle or original loan amount is paid off in full over the life of the loan, usually in equal term paymrents.  A loan can be completely amortized or(...)
  • Annual Percentage Rate
    The Annual Percentage Rate or APR refers to the cost of credit, or the interest rate for a whole year, on a loan.
  • Apopka
    The City of Apopka is located about 12 miles Northwest of Orlando, only a few minutes away from Downtown Orlando, the Orlando International Airport (MCO) and many area parks and attractions.(...)
  • Appraisal
    An Appraisal is an opinion or estimate of a home’s market value by a qualified licensed appraiser.  The value is based on the recent sale of “like” properties in the area.
  • Appreciation
    Appreciation is the increase in value of your home over time.  This appreciation is usually directly affected by the conditions of your local real estate market.
  • APR
    The Annual Percentage Rate or APR refers to the cost of credit, or the interest rate for a whole year, on a loan.
  • Artisan 420
    Coming Soon!  Artisan 420 will be a mixed use, 9 story building containing approximately 299 units.  It will be located in the heart of Downtown Orlando’s South Eola neighborhood, and is being(...)
  • As-Is
    As-is is a term which means that the property will be accepted by a buyer in the condition it exists, without repairs or credits from the seller. Usually with an as-is contract for purchase, the(...)
  • Aspire Apartments
    The Aspire is a luxury apartment located on the west side of Lake Eola Park. Amenities of this building include the highest roof-top pool, jacuzzi and viewing deck in Orlando, 24-hour health(...)
  • Auction
    An Auction is a public forum in which property is being sold to the highest bidder.  This usually occurs in lieu of a foreclosure sale.
  • Audubon Park
    Audubon Park is a downtown neighborhood, appropriately named for its many streets with references to bird species. Audubon Park has the benefit of being located immediately west of the(...)
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  • Backup Offer
    A Backup Offer is when a seller has already accepted and signed the terms of a contract, but is still accepting offers from other buyers.  This is usually done as a precautionary method in the(...)
  • Baldwin Park
    Baldwin Park is an upscale neighborhood located just outside of Downtown Orlando. Once a Navy Training Center, the 1,100 acres are now a meticulously manicured neighborhood comprised of all new(...)
  • Bear Gully Pointe
    Bear Gully Pointe is a picturesque neighborhood along the shores of Bear Gully Lake in the northern part of Winter Park.  Located in Seminole County this gated community was built in the 1990’s(...)
  • Bel Air
    Bel Air is an elegant downtown neighborhood established in the 1950’s. In its early years, many doctors from Orlando Regional(...)
  • Belle Isle
    Belle Isle is a beautiful community in Central Florida located in southeastern Orange County.  Here peaceful, lakefront living provides a peaceful  vacation from nearby metropolitan areas. Belle(...)
  • Broker
    A Broker is a state licensed individual that helps others buy and sell property, but also has training and serves in a managerial role at a real estate brokerage firm.
  • Buyer's Agent
    A Buyer’s Agent is a licensed individual that represents buyers in the purchasing of a new home.  The Buyer’s Agent negotiates the price and all the terms of the contract to purchase a home.
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  • Cady Way Trail & Cady Way Park
    Since it’s inception in 1994, the Cady Way Trail has been providing an excellent way for cyclists and pedestrians to link neighborhoods, recreational areas, and business districts. The 6.5-mile(...)
  • Callahan
    Callahan is a Downtown Orlando neighborhood west of I-4 and north of Central Boulevard. The district was once home to the Amway Arena, which was imploded to convert the 68 acres into Creative(...)
  • Casa Feliz (Robert Bruce Barbour House)
    Casa Feliz, formerly known as the Robert Bruce Barbour Estate, located in Winter Park, is a beautifully restored Spanish Farmhouse designed by acclaimed architect James Gamble Rogers II.  It was(...)
  • Casa Jardin
    Casa Jardin is one of the most desirable and unique neighborhoods near Historic Winter Park.  Casa Jardin is a beautiful, gated condo community originally created by developer Doug Trovillion.(...)
  • Casselberry
    Located in the southernmost portion of Seminole County in Central Florida, Casselberry is ten miles north of downtown Orlando and approximately 30 minutes from Orlando International Airport.(...)
  • Central Business District
    The Central Business District in  is the heart of Downtown Orlando’s economy. The majority of the high-rises in Downtown are located here, with City Hall at the southern most point of the(...)
  • Central Florida Cities
    Central Florida Cities Learn about the various cities in Central Florida and find homes for sale in each(...)
  • Chateaux du Lac Condos
    The Chateaux du Lac Condos are located on the lush shores of Lake Killarney near Downtown Winter Park.  The condominium consists of 92 units and offers one bedroom and two bedroom residences.(...)
  • China Glass Warehouse Lofts
    China Glass Warehouse Lofts are a piece of Orlando history. Built in 1923, it’s one of the city’s original warehouses, originally used as a car dealership. In 1998, the building was divided into(...)
  • Clermont
    Clermont is a Lake County city approximately 22 miles west of Orlando with a population of of over 30,000 people.  The area is approximately 11.5 square miles of mostly rolling hills.  It has(...)
  • Cloisters Condo
    The Cloisters Condo is located in Historic Winter Park, on the picturesque shores of Lake Osceola, part of the Winter Park Chain of Lakes.  Just steps from Rollins College and all the shops and(...)
  • Closing Costs
    Closing Costs are fees incurred in addition to the purchase price of a home and paid for at the time of the close of any real estate transaction. In Florida, closing costs are usually paid as(...)
  • College Park
    College Park is the largest neighborhood of Downtown Orlando, consuming most of the 32804 zip code. Located between I-4(...)
  • College Quarter
    The College Quarter Historic District is located on the Northwestern shores of Lake Virginia, in Downtown Winter Park.  It consists of 150 residential properties and is bordered by French Ave,(...)
  • Colonialtown North & South
    Colonialtown North & South are two distinctly differently neighborhoods, divided by East Colonial Drive. Both neighborhoods have the advantage of their proximity to an abundance of shopping,(...)
  • Commitment Letter
    A commitment letter is a letter from the lender promising to provide the buyer of a home with a loan at an agreed upon interest rate and terms over a specific period of time.  The main purpose(...)
  • Comstock Park
    Comstock Park, in Winter park Fl, is an upscale, waterfront community consisting of stately homes.  Most of these palatial homes have remarkable waterfront views of Lake Osceola.  The(...)
  • Condominium
    A condominium or Condo is a unit that can be privately owned, in a multi-unit complex or apartment building.  While the units are privately owned, the common areas are shared by all unit owners(...)
  • Contingencies
    Contingencies are terms or conditions that must be met in a timely order before the transaction can be completed.  If a buyer or seller is unable to perform or complete these conditions or(...)
  • Conventional Loan
    A Conventional Loan is a mortgage that is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Government.  Also known as a conforming loan, a conventional loan must adhere to the guidelines set forth by(...)
  • Conway
    Conway is a large neighborhood located in unincorporated Orange County. Although Conway is a distinct region along Conway Road, the entire area encompassing the Conway Chain of Lakes is(...)
  • Cornell Fine Arts Museum
    The Cornell Fine Arts Museum is located at 1000 Holt Ave. on the Winter Park campus of Rollins College, overlooking beautiful Lake Virginia.   The Museum boasts a richly diverse art collection(...)
  • Coytown
    Coytown is one of Downtown’s smallest neighborhoods. It’s often thought to be a part of Colonialtown North due to its very similar atmosphere and close proximity. Shopping and restaurants on(...)
  • Custom Home
    A custom home is a one-of-a-kind home that is built with the design and features of a particular buyer. A buyer can choose a particular lot location, builder, floor plan, upgrades, and more to(...)
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  • DBPR
    The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) is the agency in charge of licensing and regulating businesses and professionals in the State of Florida, such as cosmetologists,(...)
  • Deed
    A Deed is a document filed with the county that transfers home ownership.  The deed will contain the names of the previous owners, as well as the new owners, and a legal description of the(...)
  • Delaney Park
    Delaney Park is a popular and highly-regarded neighborhood in Downtown Orlando. It is named after the 7.25 acre park, which is one of the oldest in Orlando. The Delaney Park neighborhood is(...)
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development
    The Department of Housing and Urban Development is a federal agency that provides tons of resources for buyers and sellers, from general information to the complex. There is information on(...)
  • Disclosures
    Disclosures are forms that inform parties in a real estate transaction of information that may not be readily visible or known.  It’s an opportunity for the purchaser to learn about the property(...)
  • Division of Business & Professional Regulations
    The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) is the agency in charge of licensing and regulating businesses and professionals in the State of Florida, such as cosmetologists,(...)
  • Documentary Stamp Taxes
    Documentary stamp tax is a tax levied at the rate of $.70 per $100 (or portion thereof) on documents that transfer interest in Florida real property.  These documents include warranty deeds and(...)
  • Douglas Grand at Winter Park
    Douglas Grand at Winter Park s a luxurious and sophisticated living & working experience just steps from Downtown Winter Park, and minutes away from Downtown Orlando and all the attractions(...)
  • Downtown Orlando
    Downtown Orlando Florida Explore our vast resource of Downtown Orlando, including neighborhoods, condos, apartments,(...)
  • Downtown Orlando Apartments
    Below is a map of the locations of apartment rentals in Downtown Orlando. These buildings exclusively have properties for rent, but there are also condos that may be rented as well. Contact one(...)
  • Downtown Orlando Condos
    Downtown Orlando had few condominiums before the year 2000. At the turn of the millennia, condo mid-rises and high-rises began to appear in the downtown skyline. With the election of Mayor Buddy(...)
  • Downtown Orlando Neighborhoods
    Downtown Orlando has a variety neighborhoods, each with its own history and distinct character. The historic districts contain homes over 100 years old, but revitalization has also brought new(...)
  • Dr. Phillips
    Dr. Phillips,while technically not a city, has become such a populated location that has its own designation. It is located in the southwest portion of Orange County, between Interstate 4 and(...)
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  • Easement
    An easement is a right to cross or use another’s land for a specific purpose.  They are generally granted to utility companies to run power lines or cable lines, and to maintain those lines.(...)
  • East Central Park
    East Central Park is a more robust area than one may think. The district is near or contains some of the history’s biggest influences. The Orlando Executive Airport, once a military base, is(...)
  • Eastbrook
    Among the many old Winter Park neighborhoods, another desirable neighborhood is Eastbrook.  Bordered by Howel Branch Rd and Aloma Ave, Eastbrook is a working class community with affordable(...)
  • Eatonville
    The Town of Eatonville is the oldest municipality in America.  It was the first incorporated all-black city, and is one of the most important in African-American history.  It is was the home of(...)
  • Encroachment
    An Encroachment is when a property owner violates the property rights of his neighbor by building something on or by allowing something to hang over onto the neighbor’s property or property(...)
  • Environmental Protection Agency: Lead Info
    If your home was built before 1978, old lead paint on your walls, doors, windows, and sills may be dangerous.  Learn about what is lead and the risks involved when there is lead present.  Learn(...)
  • Eola South Condo
    Eola South Condo shares its name with its address, One South Eola Drive. The exclusive 3-story building consists of spacious 2 and 3 bedroom floor plans, with a total of only 21 condo units.(...)
  • EPA
    If your home was built before 1978, old lead paint on your walls, doors, windows, and sills may be dangerous.  Learn about what is lead and the risks involved when there is lead present.  Learn(...)
  • Escrow
    Escrow is a deposit of funds held by a third party on behalf of other two parties in a real estate transaction. The funds are held by the escrow service until it receives the appropriate written(...)
  • Eustis
    The city of Eustis was established in 1883, on the eastern shores of Lake Esutis, in the heart of Lake County.  Because of it’s location on the shores of Lake Eustis, and the arrival of(...)
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  • Fannie Mae
    Fannie Mae or the Federal National Mortgage Association is a government-sponsored enterprise that buys loans from mortgage lenders or banks, then packages them together, and finally sells them(...)
  • FDLE
    Search for offenders and predators that may live near you now, or your potential new home.  The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has a data base of all sexual offenders and predators that(...)
  • Federal Agencies
    Federal agencies are agencies within the Federal Government that were created to serve a specific function within either of the three branches of government.
  • Federal Housing Administration Loan
    This is a mortgage that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration, a government agency.  This loan allows buyers to purchase a home with low down payments, generally 3.5 – 5%.  The buyer(...)
  • FHA
    This is a mortgage that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration, a government agency.  This loan allows buyers to purchase a home with low down payments, generally 3.5 – 5%.  The buyer(...)
  • Financing
    Financing refers to a loan or mortgage from a lender that a buyer gets in order to buy a home.  There are several types of loans depending on your needs and amount of down payment a buyer may(...)
  • Florida
    The great state of Florida, nicknamed The Sunshine State, is a peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Straits of Florida.  It has the longest coastline in the(...)
  • Florida Association of Realtors
    The Florida Association of Realtors (sometimes called FAR) is the organization that represents all Realtors in state of Florida. In addition to providing resources for consumers and Realtors,(...)
  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement: Sexual Offenders and Predators
    Search for offenders and predators that may live near you now, or your potential new home.  The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has a data base of all sexual offenders and predators that(...)
  • Florida Energy-Efficiency Rating Information Brochure
    The Florida Building Energy-Efficiency Rating Act allows Buyers to receive an information brochure notifying the purchaser of the option for an energy-efficiency rating on the building.   The(...)
  • Florida Landlord Tenant Law
    The Florida Landlord Tenant Law, also called Florida Statutes Chapter 83, governs the practices of landlords and tenants when leasing residential and non-residential property. Part 1, which(...)
  • Florida Organizations
    Florida Organizations are State and Local agencies established to efficiently run local Government.
  • Florida Real Estate Commission
    The Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) is a seven-member group that meets monthly. These seven members are appointed by the governor of the state and confirmed by the state senate.  FREC(...)
  • Forest Hills
    The Forrest Hills area of Winter Park is located just off the north east shores of beautiful Lake Sue.  The homes here are mostly a mix of magnificent mid-century homes and stately new(...)
  • Four Seasons Condo
    The Four Seasons Condominium is located in the heart of Winter Park, just steps from Cady Way Trail, Showalter Field, Ward Park, and the YMCA.  Located on approximately 20 acres, Four Seasons(...)
  • FREC
    The Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) is a seven-member group that meets monthly. These seven members are appointed by the governor of the state and confirmed by the state senate.  FREC(...)
  • Freddie Mac
    Freddie Mac or the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation was created by Congress in 1970 to provide liquidity, stability and affordability to the nation’s housing market.  Just like Fannie Mae,(...)
  • Full Sail University
    Full Sail University in Winter Park started 30 years ago with as a place where those who love entertainment could learn how to take their passion for entertaining and turn it into a career they(...)
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  • Gallery at Mills Park
    The Gallery at Mills Park is one of the newest rental apartment buildings in Downtown Orlando. Just steps from retail and restaurants such as Fresh Market, Firebirds Grill, etc. this is the(...)
  • Getting Started
  • Greenwood
    The Greenwood neighborhood is a charming, small neighborhood among great neighborhoods like Lake Davis. Just east of the neighborhood is Greenwood Urban Wetland, one of the most unexpected(...)
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  • Hannibal Square
    Another charming Winter Park neighborhood is Hannibal Square.  This historic neighborhood is located on New England Ave, two blocks west of Park Ave, and between Virginia and Pensylvania Ave.(...)
  • History of Orlando
  • HOA Disclosure
    The HOA Disclosure is a form the seller of a property in a neighborhood with a Home Owner’s Association must provide a purchaser with at the time of purchase.  This form contains the name of the(...)
  • HOA/Condominium Association Estoppel Fees
    HOA/Condominium Association Estoppel Fees are monies due to the Association before the purchase or transfer of title for a Condominium.  There must first be a request made to the Association by(...)
  • Holden I Parramore
    Holden I Parramore is the district of downtown west of I-4 and south of Central Boulevard. The Holden I Parramore district is the location of the new Amway Center, City View apartments, HD(...)
  • Home Warranty
    A Home Warranty, also known as a home service contract, is a contract between a homeowner and a home warranty company that provides needed repairs and replacement services on major home(...)
  • Howell Branch Preserve
    Howell Branch Preserve is a 10.38-acre park, located on the North side of Howell Branch Rd, just west of Temple Drive in Winter Park.  It is surrounded by wetlands and natural habitat, but also(...)
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  • Inspection
    An Inspection is a thorough investigation by a licensed inspector that will reveal any issues or repairs needed to a home before purchase.  Once all terms of a purchase contract have been(...)
  • Ivy Residences at Health Village
    IVY Residences at Health Village is part of the larger vision of Florida Hospital’s Heath Village. Construction is still in progress and units are expected to be ready for occupancy starting(...)
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  • Just Closed Checklist
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  • Kraft Azalea Gardens (Kraft Azalea Park)
    Kraft Azalea Gardens is a 5.2 acre scenic public park on the shores of Lake Maitland in Winter Park.  This secluded and unique oasis is shaded by enormous cypress trees, and has benches for(...)
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  • Lake Cherokee
    Lake Cherokee is a historic downtown neighborhood located south of Anderson Street between Delaney Avenue and Summerlin Avenue. It was established as a historic district with the City of Orlando(...)
  • Lake Como
    Lake Como is a quiet neighborhood located between Greenwood and Lake Underhill. Bumby Avenue travels around Lake Como Park and the small lake in the center. The lake and park are small and(...)
  • Lake Copeland
    Lake Copeland is a small neighborhood south of Downtown Orlando surrounding the body of water, Lake Copeland. The neighborhood is just west of Delaney Park and is very close to the Orlando(...)
  • Lake County
    Lake County was created in 1887 from portions of Sumter County and Orange County.  It was named Lake County for the many beautiful lakes found within the county’s borders.  Just west of Orange(...)
  • Lake County Property Appraiser
    The Lake County Property Appraiser website allows you to find property taxes, zoning, lot maps, sales history and more for your property or a property you are thinking of buying.  The site also(...)
  • Lake County Public Schools
    Find out what school your child is zoned for and how it rates against the other schools in Lake County.  Look up a school bus route and learn about your zoned school’s community and more.
  • Lake Davis
    Lake Davis is a historic downtown neighborhood surrounding Lake Davis Park. With sweeping views of the downtown skyline over Lake Davis Park, select homes in this neighborhood arguably have some(...)
  • Lake Dot
    Lake Dot is a very small district west of I-4 and south of East Colonial Drive. It has a mix of commercial and residential properties.  
  • Lake Eola Heights
    Lake Eola Heights is a historic neighborhood located just north of Lake Eola Park between East Colonial Dr and Robinson Street. Part of the neighborhood is located in the 32801 zip code, but the(...)
  • Lake Eola Park
    Lake Eola Park is the centerpiece of beautiful Downtown Orlando. Lake Eola Park is a popular destination in Downtown, regularly hosting events and festivals. The lake is most famous for its(...)
  • Lake Killarney Condo
    Lake Killarney Condo is located on the shores of beautiful Lake Killarney in Winter Park.  Built in 1960, Lake Killarney Condo still has that old Florida feel with todays modern conveniences.(...)
  • Lake Knowles Terrace
    This eclectic community lies on the shores of Lake Knowles in the Northeast section of Winter Park between Lake Howell Rd and Temple Dr.  This sought after Winter Park neighborhood began(...)
  • Lake Lucerne Towers
    Enjoy the city skyline and the exceptional lifestyle of Downtown Orlando at Lake Lucerne Towers.  Nestled on the shores of Lake Lucerne this community offers one and two bedroom homes within(...)
  • Lake Mary
    Lake Mary promotes a sense of community where people can live, work and play in a safe and friendly environment.  That’s why Lake Mary is still one of the fastest growing areas in Central(...)
  • Lake Osceola
  • Lake Underhill
    The Lake Underhill neighborhood borders the south side of Lake Underhill Park. Just south of this neighborhood are Lake Arnold and Lake Giles, which add to the value of the houses in this area.(...)
  • Lake Weldona
    Lake Weldona is a small, yet desirable neighborhood in Downtown Orlando, bordered by other popular neighborhoods like Bel Air, Lake Lancaster and Lake Davis. Surrounded by beautiful parks and(...)
  • Lancaster Park
    Lancaster Park is a secluded downtown neighborhood amongst tremendous live oaks. Because this neighborhood gets little drive-through traffic, it’s one of the best kept secrets in Downtown(...)
  • Lawsona I Ferncreek
    The Lawsona I Ferncreek neighborhood is one of the most treasured historic districts in Downtown Orlando. The Lake Lawsona Historic District was established by the City of Orlando in 1994 to(...)
  • Lead Based Paint
    About Lead Lead is a metal that was used for many years in the past for a variety of uses. Since that time, it has been deemed to be dangerous to humans. Lead was used in paint until outlawed in(...)
  • Leesburg
    Leesburg, in Lake County, was settled in 1857 but incorporated in 1875, and is known as “The Lakefront City”.  In 1938 the city began work on the Venetian Gardens waterside park, on the shores(...)
  • Liens
    A lien is a legal notice or claim of ownership attached to your property, usually due to monies owed.  Your mortgage lender has the most significant lien on your home, but liens can be placed on(...)
  • Lofts at Sodo
    Experience life as it’s meant to be, Easy!  With exclusive trendy shopping and upscale restaurants just steps away from your luxurious loft-style home, this is the ideal location. Minutes from(...)
  • Longwood
    Longwood is a suburban city north of Orlando, in Seminole County with a population of over 14,000 people.  It is the home of The Senator, the biggest and oldest pond cypress tree in the world,(...)
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  • Maitland
    Maitland, one of the oldest incorporated municipalities in Central Florida, is a suburban city in Orange County.  Maitland’s “historical corridor” consists of old residences still standing in(...)
  • Maitland Shores
    Maitland Shores in Winter Park is located on the North-East shores of magnificent Lake Maitland.  This small and exclusive neighborhood features mostly custom-built homes in an array of styles(...)
  • Mead Botanical Garden
    Mead Botanical Garden is a 48-acre urban oasis located in beautiful Winter Park.  The garden is open every day from dawn til dusk and it is free to the public.  Mead Botanical Garden is located(...)
  • Metropolitan at Lake Eola Condo
    Metropolitan at Lake Eola Condo offers one of the best locations, right across the street from the Lake Eola Amphitheater and all that Lake Eola has to offer. Converted from the old Harley Hotel(...)
  • Mold
    Mold is a fuzzy growth of minute fungus occurring typically in moist warm conditions, especially on food or other organic matter. Mold spore can become airborn which can have a negative effect(...)
  • Mortgage Loan
    A mortgage is/are funds borrowed from a bank, mortgage lender or mortgage broker to finance the purchase of a home.  They are usually paid off in therms of 5, 15 or 30 years, with monthly(...)
  • Mount Dora
    Mount Dora, founded in 1880, is a charming city that still retains it’s small town character with it’s many historic buildings and stately oak-tree lined streets.  Mount Dora was named after(...)
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  • National Flood Insurance Program
    Check your flood risk and get insurance information.  Learn about residential coverage or commercial coverage.  Use the policyholder resources to better inform yourself of flood risk.  Learn(...)
  • New Homes
    There's Nothing Like a Brand New Home Explore new construction homes for sale, or learn about one of our featured builders(...)
  • NORA Apartments
    Built in 2014 NORA Apartments (North Orange Residential Apartments) is LEED ® Certified, with concrete walls and floors, Energy Star stainless steel appliances and 24 hour maintenance. This(...)
  • Northwood Circle
    This quaint Winter Park neighborhood is located on N Pennsylvania Ave between Webster Ave and Park Ave.  Nestled among the beautiful oak trees and just on the other side of the well adorned(...)
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  • Oakland
    The Town of Oakland was established in 1887 and is one of the oldest municipalities in Orange County.  Located in west Orange County between John’s Lake and Lake Apopka, Oakland has a diverse(...)
  • Ocoee
    Ocoee is a charming city in Orange County with a serious commitment to to the environment, quality of life, historical landmarks, and has a rich diversity.  Ocoee was established in 1925 and(...)
  • Orange County
    Orange County was founded in 1845, the same year Florida became a state. At the time, it was part of a larger county called Mosquito County.  The county was named after the abundance of orange(...)
  • Orange County Organizations
    Orange County is the largest county in Central Florida and has a wide variety of organization and services it provides to the Public.
  • Orange County Property Appraiser
    Rich Singh is the current Property Appraiser for Orange County. The Orange County Property Appraiser website allows you to find property taxes, zoning, lot maps, sales history and more for your(...)
  • Orange County Public Schools
    Find out what school your child is zoned for and how it rates against the other schools in Orange County.  Look up a school bus route and learn about your zoned school community and more.
  • Orlando
    The City of Orlando is the center of the Orlando Metropolitan area and the county seat of Orange County.  Located in Central Florida, Orlando also known as “The City Beautiful” was the most(...)
  • Orlando Organizations
    Orlando Organizations are agencies created to efficiently run and conduct local government affairs.
  • Orlando Sentinel
    The Orlando Sentinel is the most recognized newspaper of Orlando and the Central Florida region.  See what homes are currently on the market.
  • Orwin Manor
    The name Orwin Manor comes from a combination of Orlando and Winter Park, because the neighborhood is split between the two cities. Although some homes were developed in the late 1800’s, much of(...)
  • Orwin Manor/ Westminster
    Tucked away between Orlando and Winter Park lies a small, unassuming pre-war community called Orwin Manor (Or-Orlando, Win- Winter Park).  Orwin Manor is known for it’s eclectic mix of(...)
  • Osceola Brownstones Condo
    Nestled in the heart of Downtown Orlando, Osceola Brownstones Condo feature unique 3-story townhouse-style floor plans with rooftop patios and 2-car garages. This community offers larger living(...)
  • Osceola County
    Osceola County is a Central Florida county south of the city of Orlando and Orange County. The county seat is Kissimmee FL. 
  • Oviedo
    Located just South of Lake Jessup, Oviedo was incorporated as a City in 1925.  Settled by mostly Swedish immigrants, on March 13th 1879, the Lake Jessup Community was officially named Oviedo.(...)
  • Owner’s Policy and Charges
    Owner’s Policy and Charges refers to Title Insurance Policies.  An Owner’s Policy is usually issued in the amount of the real estate purchase.  It is purchased for a one-time fee at closing and(...)
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  • Park Avenue & Central Park
    The founders of Winter Park Oliver Chapman and his friend Loring A. Chase purchased 600 acres bordering Lakes Maitland, Osceola, Virginia and Killarney in 1881.  Their goal was to develop a(...)
  • Park Lake I Highland
    Park Lake I Highland is a neighborhood located just north of Colonial Drive. Part of the appeal for this area was the establishment of Lake Highland Preparatory School, the largest private(...)
  • Park Lake Towers Condo
    Park Lake Towers Condo is one of Orlando’s first condo high-rises. Located on East Colonial Drive, the condo community features a swimming pool, fitness center and recreational room. Offset from(...)
  • Park North at Cheney Place Condo
    Park North at Cheney Place Condo is a large mid-rise condo community originally built as apartments and converted to condos in 2004. Amenities include courtyard swimming pool, fitness center,(...)
  • Perle Du Lac
    Live in a French Revivalist style luxury condo on the north shore of Lake Virginia in Winter Park with a custom home at Perle Du Lac. There are just 13 of these elegant condos in a gorgeously(...)
  • Pineloch
    Pineloch is a neighborhood on the south-east corner of Orlando Avenue and Michigan Avenue. The boundaries are not consistent, and much of this district contains commercial property, primarily(...)
  • PMI
    Private Mortgage Insurance, also known as PMI, is an insurance that protects the mortgage lender from loss if the buyer defaults on their loan.  The borrower pays the premium monthly or with one(...)
  • Post Parkside Apartments
    This stylish, urban building puts beautiful Lake Eola right outside your doorstep.  Built in 1950, the building that is now Post Parkside Apartments was one of the first buildings established(...)
  • Private Mortgage Insurance
    Private Mortgage Insurance, also known as PMI, is an insurance that protects the mortgage lender from loss if the buyer defaults on their loan.  The borrower pays the premium monthly or with one(...)
  • q

  • Quitclaim Deed
    A Quitclaim Deed is a document that transfers whatever interest a person has in a property to another person, usually a spouse or family member.  But this type of deed makes no guarantee that(...)
  • r

  • Radon Gas
    Radon Gas is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas that is harmful and can only be detected by administering a test that will tell you how much Radon is present.  Radon is a naturally(...)
  • Real Estate Owned
    An REO or Real Estate Owned property is a home that is owned by the lender, usually a bank or government agency, and is currently on the market as a result of a failed auction sale.  This(...)
  • Real Estate Terminology
    Real Estate Terminology Real Estate jargon, demystified! (...)
  • Reeves House Condo
    Reeves House Condo is one of the first mid-rise condos surrounding Lake Eola. Every unit in this building has a direct lakefront view. This community contains fewer units than other Downtown(...)
  • REO
    An REO or Real Estate Owned property is a home that is owned by the lender, usually a bank or government agency, and is currently on the market as a result of a failed auction sale.  This(...)
  • Rock Lake
    Rock Lake is a small neighborhood in downtown west of I-4. The body of water, Rock Lake, is the largest in this western part of downtown.  
  • Rollins College
    Rollins College in Winter Park is the first recognized college in Florida and was founded in 1885.  It was founded by New England Congregationalists who wanted to bring their brand of liberal(...)
  • Rose Isle
    Rose Isle is an incredibly desirable and expensive neighborhood north of Downtown Orlando. Although technically in Orlando, the neighborhood is similar to Winter Park. Bordered by Lake Rowena,(...)
  • Rowena Gardens
    Rowena Gardens is a small neighborhood north of downtown, bordering the south side of Rose Isle. Nearly half of the Rowena Gardens district is comprised of the historic and phenomenal Harry P(...)
  • s

  • Saint Cloud
    Saint Cloud is a city in northern Osceola County Florida. Saint Cloud has increased in popularity due to it’s close proximity to Lake Nona. 
  • Sanctuary Downtown Condo
    The Sanctuary Downtown Condo is one of Orlando’s finest luxury high-rise residences. The building is locally renowned for its spacious floor plans, high-quality finishes and stunning views.(...)
  • Sanford
    The largest city in Seminole County, Sanford is a port city on the shores of Lake Monroe and is known as the “Historic Waterfront Gateway City”.  It was once the seat of Orange County in the It(...)
  • Seller's Disclosure
    A Seller’s Disclosure is a form completed by the owner of a home currently for sale that lists any known physical defects or issues that may affect the value of the property.  
  • Seminole County
    Seminole County is a county located in Central Florida, just North of Orange County and Orlando. The most recent county formed, 1913, Seminole County was named after the Seminole people who(...)
  • Seminole County Property Appraiser
    The Seminole County Property Appraiser website allows you to find property taxes, zoning, lot maps, sales history and more for your property or a property you are thinking of buying.  The site(...)
  • Seminole County Public Schools
    Find out what school your child is zoned for and how it rates against the other schools in Seminole County.  Look up a school bus route and learn about your zoned school’s community and more.
  • Sevilla
    Sevilla is a newer neighborhood that still keeps with Winter Park’s historic feel.  Sevilla began being developed in 1970 and now contains approximately 63 lots. Most of the homes were built in(...)
  • Sicilian Shores
    The upscale, luxury community of Sicilian Shores in Winter Park is an exclusive enclave with elegantly designed Tuscan style homes located on the eastern shores of Lake Maitland.  The(...)
  • SkyHouse Orlando Apartments
    SkyHouse Orlando is the newest apartment high-rise to enter the Downtown Orlando skyline. The building soars 23 stories high with 320 luxury rental units. SkyHouse is located just south of the(...)
  • Solaire at Plaza Condo
    Completed in 2007, Solaire at the Plaza Condo is the residential tower of the larger, mixed-use Plaza Building. Located in the Central Business District, the residences in Solaire at Plaza Condo(...)
  • South Eola
    South Eola has become one of the most exclusive and expensive neighborhoods in Downtown Orlando. Located south of Lake Eola Park, South Eola is comprised almost exclusively of condo high-rises(...)
  • Spec Home
    Spec homes are homes the builder constructs based on speculation of what a buyer would look for.  These spec homes, also known as inventory homes, have already been constructed with a number of(...)
  • Special Assessments
    There are two types of Special Assessments.  One is a charge issued to homeowners living in neighborhoods with Home Owners Associations by the association.  This assessment is usually issued to(...)
  • Star Tower Condo
    Star Tower Condo is a luxury condominium located in the South Eola district of Downtown. With only 100 units, Star Tower Condo has a(...)
  • SteelHouse Apartments
    SteelHouse Apartments is a luxury apartment community completed in 2013 offering unique urban, stylish apartment residences in the Downtown Orlando Central Business District. Located at the(...)
  • Survey
    A Survey is an analysis of where property lines lie in order to establish how much land a homeowner owns.  The survey will also show any easements or encroachments listed on the title of the(...)
  • t

  • Tavares
    Tavares, also known as “America’s Seaplane City,” is located in Lake County and is surrounded by lakes.  The largest of the lakes is Lake Harris, but it is also surrounded by Lake Eustis and(...)
  • Terra Vista
    Terra Vista is a community developed by A&M Homes. 
  • The Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Garden
    The Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Garden is a historic site on 3 acres of land overlooking the beautiful Lake Osceola in Winter Park. The museum was Albin Polasek’s former retirement home,(...)
  • The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art
    The Morse Museum of American Art was founded in 1942 by Jeanette Genius McKean, and named after her grandfather Charles Hosmer Morse, a Chicago industrialist and Winter Park Philanthropist.  For(...)
  • The City Beautiful
    “The City Beautiful” is the slogan for the City of Orlando. It was established after a contest in 1908 in which the public submitted name suggestions. Before the time, Orlando was has the slogan(...)
  • The Grande Downtown Orlando Condo
    Address: 300 E South St Orlando, FL 32801 The Grande Downtown Orlando Condo is a 6-story midrise consisting of 364 units and was originally constructed as apartments. The major attraction to The(...)
  • The Jackson Condo
    The Jackson Condo is a mid-rise condo building located in the southern point of the South Eola district. Located just steps from restaurants, neighborhood shops and Lake Eola Park, The Jackson(...)
  • The Paramount on Lake Eola
    The Paramount on Lake Eola is a 18-story high-rise with some of the most direct views of Lake Eola. Located above Publix Supermarket and other shopping, the lifestyle of this building is very(...)
  • The Residences at Winter Park
    Built in 2005 and in the center of Historic Winter Park, The Residences at Winter Park set the precedent for luxury living in Central Florida.  The Residences offer one, two, and three bedroom(...)
  • The Rialto Luxury Apartments
      Welcome to the Rialto! A desirable location combined with high class amenities.Southwest Orlando living will never be the same. We provide an elegant lounge, charming cyber café,(...)
  • The Sevens
    Coming Soon!  The Seven is Orlando’s North Quarter’s newest building addition.  It will be the home of a mixed use building with approximately 325 residential units, a rooftop pool deck and(...)
  • Thornton Park
    Thornton Park is a popular neighborhood in Downtown Orlando, located east of Lake Eola Park and Summerlin Ave. Partially located in the Lake Lawsona Historic District, Thornton Park is a(...)
  • Thornton Park Central Condo
    Thornton Park Central Condo in Downtown Orlando’s charming Thornton Park neighborhood is part of a larger mixed-use, mid-rise building, Thornton Park Central. This building includes some(...)
  • Title
    Title is the right to a specific real estate property, or ownership of a specific real estate property. When purchasing a home, buyers get a preliminary title report from an escrow agent after(...)
  • u

  • Umatilla
    The City of Umatilla, also known as “Nature’s Hometown,” is located in Northern Lake County and is the outdoor lovers’ paradise.  Umatilla offers an abundance of outdoor activities for it’s(...)
  • Uptown Place Condo
    Urban Lifestyle at its finest at Uptown Place Condo.  All of these Downtown Orlando Condo homes boast extraordinary contemporary designs with exceptional interior features.  The Urban and(...)
  • US Census Bureau
    Learn about population, housing, income, and other statistics by area.  The US Census Bureau’s mission is to serve as the source of quality data about our nation’s people and our economy.(...)
  • USA
  • v

  • VA
    The Veterans Affair loan is a loan backed by the government but only available to eligible Veterans, spouses and beneficiaries.  This is very similar to the FHA loan with more benefits such as(...)
  • Veterans Affair Loan
    The Veterans Affair loan is a loan backed by the government but only available to eligible Veterans, spouses and beneficiaries.  This is very similar to the FHA loan with more benefits such as(...)
  • Villa Siena
    Villa Siena, in the heart of Historic Winter Park, combines old world design with the modern conveniences of luxury living.  Each unit is uniquely appointed with exquisite finishes including(...)
  • VUE at Lake Eola Condo
    The VUE at Lake Eola Condo is Downtown Orlando’s tallest high-rise condo, offering some of the greatest variety of Luxury amenities of any condo in Downtown Orlando. Located near the north-west(...)
  • w

  • Wadeview Park
    Wadeview Park is located south of Downtown Orlando in an area that has been revitalized by the nearby SODO (South of Downtown Orlando) development which brought restaurants and a Super Target to(...)
  • Walkthrough
    Walkthrough refers to the final inspection of the home by the buyer before the closing.  The buyer will walk through the home to male sure the home is in the same condition as when the initial(...)
  • Wall Street Journal
    Get the most recent news on real estate, home buying, houses for sale, luxury homes, mortgage loans and interest rates.  Real Estate news from one of the world’s most renowned news sources.
  • Warranty Deed
    A Warranty Deed is a document that transfers ownership of a property and promises that the property is free and clear of liens or any other claims of ownership.  It also promises to make(...)
  • Waverly on Lake Eola
    Completed in 2000 as luxury high rise rentals, the Waverly on Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando, with 22 stories and 250 units, was converted to condos in 2003. The Waverly on Lake Eola Condos boast(...)
  • Wikipedia
    Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia written by everyone who uses it.  The website is designed to make  collaboration between those using it easy.  Wikipedia is constantly changing, making thousands(...)
  • Windermere
    The town of Windermere was founded on May 5, 1915, when 110 acres of land situated between James Avenue , Lamar Avenue, Main Street, and 5th Street were auctioned off and incorporated under the(...)
  • Windsong
    Windsong is a beautiful neighborhood in Winter Park nestled between the shores of Lake Virginia, Lake Berry and Lake Mizell.  Originally an estate with 200 acres and established in 1904 by(...)
  • Winter Garden
    Winter Garden is a Florida destination – only without pretense. Stroll down Plant Street in the Historic Downtown District of Winter Garden and witness the resurgence of a vibrant community.(...)
  • Winter Park
    Winter Park Winter Park is a beautiful historic city just north of Downtown Orlando, with a population of just under 30,000.  Within(...)
  • Winter Park Chain of Lakes
    Winter Park has an interesting history and, to some extent, has a lot to do with its beautiful lakes.  Just North East of Downtown Orlando, and right among the beautiful trees in Downtown Winter(...)
  • Winter Park Condos
    Winter Park is located approximately 7 miles north of Downtown Orlando, and has beautiful parks, lakes and biking trails.  Most residents still commute to Downtown Orlando for work, shopping and(...)
  • Winter Park Country Club & Golf Course
    The Winter Park Country Club & Golf Course is a Historic site in Winter Park, FL.  Located in the heart of Winter Park at 761 Old England Ave, it is one of the most picturesque greens in Central(...)
  • Winter Park Farmers' Market
    The Winter Park Farmers’ Market hosts the number one produce and plant market in Central Florida. The market takes place every Saturday morning from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is an opportunity to(...)
  • Winter Park Neighborhoods
    Winter Park neighborhoods have some of the most coveted real estate in Central Florida.  Home prices in these neighborhoods are not only among the most expensive in Florida, but Winter Park real(...)
  • Winter Park Pines
    Built around Winter Pines Golf Club the Winter Park Pines neighborhood is well established, highly coveted community.  Bordered by Cady Way to Semoran Blvd and Summerfield Rd to Abbey Rd, Winter(...)
  • Winter Park Points of Interest
      The City of Winter Park, just north of Orlando, was once considered a winter resort. Today, Winter Park is a vibrant, cultural city that includes Rollins College and the Charles Hosmer Morse(...)
  • Winter Springs
    Winter Springs is a city Northeast of Orlando, in Seminole County, with a population of approximately 34,000.  The City offers a top-tier educational system and excellent quality of life, and(...)