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Those that have seen the 3D technology at Mainframe Real Estate realize that it’s the direction the industry is headed. When buyers and sellers begin walking through homes online, their behaviors change dramatically. Last week, Sean Frank closed a phenomenal waterfront Belle Isle home and represented both the seller and buyer. It was all made possible by the marketing and technology at Mainframe Real Estate.

“This sale is a testament to the power of internet marketing and the patent-pending 3D Showing Simulations at Mainframe Real Estate,” Sean says. He met the sellers a few years ago when they contacted him on a listing he had advertised on the internet. After a little searching they purchased their Belle Isle home. Just a few months ago, they approached Sean to list their house for sale. Equipped with the Showing Simulation and internet marketing expertise at Mainframe Real Estate, Sean had multiple buyers call him directly to request showings. The first buyers he showed the house to ended up writing a contract and closed on the house last week.

The buyers are both medical professionals that relocated from South Florida to partake in the growth of Medical City in Lake Nona. Before viewing this property, they had only looked at new builder homes and had never considered a resale purchase. When asked if they would have seen the house in person without first seeing the Showing Simulation online, they replied, “Probably not. We had seen so many homes already and hadn’t liked any. We wasted a lot of our time, which was very important since one of us wasn’t living locally yet. We had practically given up.” The buyers were eager to give feedback about the Showing Simulations. “I think I did the tour at least 10 times before we saw the house in person for the first time,” one of the buyers said. “It increased the hype and excitement.”

The buyers contacted Sean after finding the listing on one of the many websites that Mainframe Real Estate advertises. While under contract, the buyers shared the 3D tour with family, friends and co-workers across the country. The buyers estimate that probably 30 other people they know had walked through the house online while they were under contract. In total, over 400 people saw the Showing Simulation while it was listed for sale, offering more exposure than ever possible with traditional marketing. The house closed for $465,000.

“It doesn’t get better than that,” said Sean Frank. “It’s proof that Showing Simulations are changing the industry. This is one example of a closing that would have never come together if it were not for the change the Mainframe is bringing to the industry.”