Monthly Owner Reports

Each month, property owners receive an email report from ABE with a breakdown of the monthly income and expenses. Our goal is to create reports that are easy to access and straightforward to read. Below is a description for each section of the ABE management reports:

  • Month: ABE sends the owner report when the account is reconciled for the month. Only one report is sent each month.
  • Rent: This is the amount of rent received for the month listed.
  • Invoice Total: This represents the total amount of invoices for the month.
    • Each separate debit or credit is listed on its own line.
    • Vendor invoices are attached to the email with the report.
    • A negative number (ie: -$100) is actually a credit against the invoice total.
  • To Owner: This is the amount due to the owner during this month. A separate email from will notify the owner of the exact date of deposit.
  • Notes this Month: Used for describing things that affect the month report.

We have plans to create reports that owners can request on demand to their email. Until then, if you would like a history of your account, please email with your request.