Owning rental property can be a lucrative endeavor—when all aspects are properly managed. We’re here to help you meet your goals and objectives and maximize your investment. Mainframe Real Estate is committed to ongoing innovation and the highest quality service. We are continuously updating our custom software and automated back end (ABE), for example, in order to fine-tune realty transactions and implement critical checks and balances that save you time and money. Our lease and management agreements are built upon decades of experience. And we can even help you manage the maintenance process with the help of our great vendor network.

Property Management Services & Technology

Our innovative approach to property management can increase your bottom line.

Leasing Services

Listing syndication, lease agreements, and background screenings—let our experts do  the job for you.

Multi-Family Property Services

Take advantage of our portfolio of services for landlords of multi-family properties, from marketing and technology to referral processing.