Mainframe Launches New Website, Sets New Standard

Mainframe Real Estate New WebsiteMainframe Real Estate is once again proving its position as leader in real estate technology. Today, Mainframe unveils its new website, which has the power and flexibility that most real estate companies do not have.

To the average user, the website appears just as pleasing as before. Under the hood, there is an entirely new foundation. The biggest factor of this site is that it is responsive, a tech word that means it can resize itself to fit all browser sizes. The same site that runs on your desktop, shrinks down for an equally impressive experience on tablets and smart phones. Check out any large real estate company website you want: RE/MAX, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, etc…. None of them have this technology. That’s just one big improvement. Other changes have been made to create more customer resources, improve the property search experience, increase search engine optimization, and much more.

“This is a big step forward for Mainframe. It’s another example of this company staying ahead of the technology curve, even against the biggest real estate companies. This website foundation is scalable, so as new agents join and new branches open, this website can accommodate the growth of the company while keeping pace with technology standards.” – Sean Frank, Broker/Owner

Mobile browsing is capturing more market share every month. More buyers and sellers are researching or starting a real estate search from their mobile phone. Only Mainframe Real Estate provides the same great experience on every device.

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