Join Mainframe in Donating to the Mission of Parramore Kidz Zone

Copyright and image owned by Parramore Kidz Zone and City of Orlando.

Mainframe Real Estate will be making a donation to the mission of Parramore Kidz Zone – an Orlando community-based youth program that organizes after-school programs, early education and more to provide more equal opportunities for youth in Orlando’s highest poverty neighborhood.

Now through September 30th, 2020, Mainframe will be matching donations up to $5,000, for a total donation of up to $10,000 to the organization. To have your donation matched, click on the donation button below to open a tab to the PKZ donation page. Once the link is open, scroll down to the yellow ‘Donate’ button and click to begin your donation. Once completed, be sure to email your receipt to for us to match your contribution. 

Mainframe appreciates your contribution and effort to join us in supporting the furthering of equal opportunity amongst Orlando’s minority communities.

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