BrokerCollab is Florida’s New Open Source Community for the Real Estate

We are excited to introduce BrokerCollab to the Florida Real Estate community on May 20, 2021. BrokerCollab is a community of Florida real estate brokers dedicated to sharing knowledge, resources, and best practices with the rest of the industry. 


BrokerCollab was formed by leading founders dedicated to the growth and integrity of the industry – Sean Frank, Founder and John Russell of Mainframe Real Estate and Jenny Wemert and Emily Smith from Wemert Group Realty. 


BrokerCollab welcomes other brokers across the state to join as supporters of the open source community. Joining is free and provides member access to download forms, collaborate on message forums, and much more. All information and resources are marked with CC0 1.0 copyright and open source for public modification and commercial use. 


See all our newest resources or join our community by visiting our website at to learn more.


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Moving can be an exciting but stressful experience for most people. It’s even more stressful for pets, who are routine-oriented. It’s often a challenge to

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