Bike Sharing Downtown

Looking to switch up your commute or enjoy the fresh air some more? Enjoy an active lifestyle, inexpensive and environmentally friendly ride with Downtown Orlando’s Bike Share…It’s as easy as Reserve, Release, Ride, Return!

Use the Bike Share mobile app to find and reserve your ride. You can also reserve a bike right on its keypad. Unlock the bike with a 4 digit code after reserving and enjoy your ride. Once you’re done, return to a bike rack or hub and thats all!

Rates begin as low as $5 for an hourly rental with various memberships also available. Keep in mind, you can return the bike to any bike rack or hub, but returning to a bike rack (non-hub) does incur a $2 fee. Taxes are not included in the rates, and you must be 18 or older with a credit card to ride.

Visit the Orlando Bike Share website at for more details.

Enjoy your ride, and please bike safely!

Article written by Michael Leanna, Realtor®

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