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Mainframe Referrals allows you to keep your real estate license active but without having to pay REALTOR and MLS fees. Because your license is active, you are ready and able to send referrals at any time and receive referral commissions. 

Your cost is only $29 per month, paid by credit card. There is a one-time fee to join of $100 unless it is waived by a limited-time promotional discount. 

No. You can cancel your monthly payments at any time and we will deactivate your license. If you choose to rejoin, you will be required to pay the $100 signup fee. 

The commission split is simple. 90% of the referral commission is paid to you and 10% is paid to us. For example, if you earn a $1,000 referral commission, you receive a $900 payment. 

The Sales Agent, not you, is required to pay a 5% fee to Mainframe Referrals, as described in Referral Agent Matching below. 

No, you cannot perform real estate activities at Mainframe Referrals. This includes advertising, negotiating, showing properties, listing homes, leasing property, managing property, and all other types of real estate activities. But truly, that’s what is so great about it. By just referring prospective buyers and sellers, you can earn significant referral fees with almost no effort. 

When you sign up, you have the option of choosing a “Designated Agent” at Mainframe Real Estate that will be the preferred agent to handle all of your customer referrals. If you do not choose at Designated Agent or if the Designated Agent does not work in the area needed by your Referral, we will help connect you with the best agent through a process called “Referral Agent Matching” as described below. You can always recommend a Sales Agent, but we have the ultimate decision on which Sales Agent gets the Referral through Referral Agent Matching. 

Referral Agent Matching is a process where we help connect you with the best agent for the needs of your Referral. We will handle the written referral agreements, interview Sales Agents if necessary, and manage the referral process for you. 

Every Referral Agent Matching requires 5% of the gross commission to be paid to us by the Sales Agent, not you. For example, if you are requesting a 25% referral fee from Sales Agent, then Sales Agent shall pay an additional 5% for Referral Agent Matching, but you will still receive the requested 25% referral. 

  •  If the needs of your Referral are within the state of Florida, we will try to assign a Mainframe Real Estate agent that specializes in the area. 
  • If the needs of your Referral are outside of Florida or in an area Mainframe Real Estate does not service, we will then 1) Connect you with a Sales Agent already established in our Referral Agent Network for your the needs of your Referral or 2) Interview up to three other Sales Agents that match the needs of your Referral and recommend options to you, although we ultimately can choose the Sales Agent. 

Once we receive the commission check and all documents, we will immediately begin the process of disbursing your commission. On your first commission payout, we will request your W9 form and either bank account information for ACH (direct deposit) payments or an address to send a check. ACH payments are significantly faster than mailed checks. After your first payment, we will release your funds in the same manner without delay. Please note we can only send funds to the exact name as your license with the DBPR.

Yes. You can receive referral commissions from a real estate company in any state in the United States, and even in other countries where it’s legal in that country to send referral fees back to you. 

For example, you could refer a buyer or seller to an agent in California and receive a referral commission when the transaction closes. 

To be certain, ask your tax professional. You are incurring expenses in order to earn potential commission income, all your payments to Mainframe Referrals should be tax deductible.

Referral fees are negotiable and typically range between 20-30% of the gross commission received by the Sales Agent you refer the customer to. To protect you, our policy is that you cannot receive less than 15% commission but also not receive more than 35% which is unusually high and may give the impression you performed real estate activities in the transaction. 

Once you create your account, you will have access to a form to submit your Referrals. Once you submit the Referrals, we will handle the process of Referral Matching to connect you with the best Sales Agent. 

For properties owned by you, you can sell, lease or manage them as an owner. You do not need to process the transaction through Mainframe Referrals if you are not receiving a referral commission. You should contribute any commission toward closing costs which, is not taxable income like a referral commission. Contact your tax professional for all tax advice. 

Technically, you can refer landlords and tenants. Unfortunately, rental commissions are very small and it is often cost prohibitive to send referral commissions. For that reason, we may not be able to connect you with an agent and we cannot guarantee a referral commission. 

If you want to become a REALTOR again, you first should cancel your membership to Mainframe Referrals to stop your payments. You are welcome to move your license to any real estate company at any time and you do not need to give notice other than cancelling your membership with us. If you want to discuss joining Mainframe Real Estate as an agent, email 

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