Connection Plus

Sell like an agent. Build a business like a broker.

Real estate sales offers incredible potential for income, but you only make money if you continue to close sales.

Connection Plus at Mainframe Real Estate allows agents to build a sustainable business and income just like a broker. Mainframe Real Estate shares 25% of its commission revenue back to agents.  


Revenue Shared to Mainframe Agents

Your Commission

Experienced agents start at an 80/20 split. After earning a gross commission of $100,000 during each anniversary year with the company, an agent “caps” and earns 95% commission  until their next anniversary with the company, with an opportunity to do it again every year. At that time, the agent has earned $80,000 and contributed $20,000* to the company.

*This $20,000 contribution to the company applies to most regions in Florida. Some higher-priced markets will have proportionately higher contributions depending on median home price and the revenue sharing described below also is proportionately higher.



Earn up to 95% Commission every year

View Example

Joe joins Mainframe on August 1, 2019. In January 2020, Joe closes a transaction that pushes him over $100,000 gross commission. 

At this time, Joe “caps” to 95% commission. Then on August 1, 2020, Joe goes back to 80% commission with an opportunity to cap again in his new anniversary year. 

Your Connections

For each agent or “Connection” that you introduce to Mainframe, you can earn up to $1,000 every year. This also applies to the agents they connect with, and so on, up to five connections away you. 

Each capping agent causes $5,000 of revenue to be shared each year, $1,000 to each of their five connections as described above. When an agent is halfway to their cap, $500 is paid out to each of the five connections from the agent. The remaining $500 is paid out to each of the five connections when the agent achieves their full cap. 

Splits apply to revenue share. This helps every agent to cap quicker each year and encourages agents to continue to sell real estate. 

*The numbers above are based on a 25% revenue share of a $20,000 company contribution. 



COnnect with Agents


Earn up to $1,000 per Connection per Year


Earn up to $1,000 per Connection per Year up to Five Connections Away you

View Example #1

You connect with Jane. When Jane earns a gross commission of $50,000 and is halfway to her cap, you receive a $500 revenue share commission. When she earns her gross commission of $100,000 and caps, the remaining $500 is paid to you. 

View Example #2

You connect with Jane who caps every year. Jane connects with three other agents that cap every year. You will earn $4,000 per year, $1,000 for each agent. 

View Example #3

You have been connecting with agents for awhile. You have 30 capping agents that are 5 connections or less from you. You will earn $30,000 each year. A hundred capping agents would be $100,000 in income. The math is that simple and the income potential is limitless!


We Care about Quality

It’s important that Mainframe continues to hire the best agents and we won’t compromise on our commitment to the industry. 


No Complicated Math

You don’t need to be concerned about complicated equations or unpredictable variables. Connection Plus was designed for simplicity. 


No Recruiting Requirements

There’s no pressure to connect with other agents and no income limitations if you choose not to. 


earn Revenue, Not profit

Profit sharing is only beneficial when there is profit, which can fluxuate dramatically. In comparison, revenue sharing is consistent and predictable.  


Plan Your Retirement

Finally, exiting a real estate sales career can allow you to continue to earn income.

When that time comes, you can move your license to Mainframe Referrals, where you can still receive referral fees and revenue share, but not be obligated to pay Realtor or MLS dues.

Additional terms may apply about Connection Plus. Please contact us below for a more detailed explaination and documentation. 

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