Mainframe Real Estate is a forward-thinking company with a commitment to quality and a tremendous vision for the future of real estate. An important part of our company philosophy is always allowing room for career growth, no matter the stage of a person’s real estate career.

Join our Team of Experienced Agents

The Mainframe Real Estate team is made up of talented professionals who love to work here. When surveyed, the agents at Mainframe expressed that the favorite part of the company is the fun, collaborative and satisfying work culture. We welcome any producing agent that is positive-thinking, motivated and professional. High-performing agents can earn up to 95% commission every year.


Become a Team Leader

For experienced agents that are seeking further opportunity for growth, developing a team is an excellent way to delegate responsibilities while training and mentoring team members. An agent must meet certain qualifications to become a Team Leader, including having their broker license. Team Leaders become invested with the company and begin earning a portion of company revenue based on team sales. This is not an MLM arrangement—Team Leaders benefit from company revenue, not the profit after expenses.


Opportunities for New Agents

New agents looking to start their career must do so under the supervision of a qualified Team Leader. Team Leaders mentor, train and help a new agent kick-start their business. Because Team Leaders spend quality time and effort with new agents, there is limited availability for new agents to join the company. New agents should have a sales background, entrepreneurial skills and other strong qualifications to work at Mainframe Real Estate.


Broker Opportunities

Mainframe Real Estate will continue to grow through a licensing model, in which brokers can adopt and take advantage of the leading-edge tools the company offers. Team Leaders that have successfully grown with the company have the option of opening their own Mainframe Real Estate office.


Earn up to 95% commission every year

Satisfying Work Culture

When surveyed, the agents at Mainframe expressed that their favorite part of the company is the fun, collaborative, and satisfying work culture.


Available Broker

The broker is in the office and available for questions, concerns, or ideas from the agents.

Streamlined Systems

The technology and systems are always evolving and improving for the benefit of agents and customers.