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I am so incredibly lucky to work at a firm that is so supportive and inclusive with a culture that is second to none … you don’t get that very often in real estate offices. I am absolutely in the right place. I never have had more fun getting to know such an amazing group of people. 

Beth Hobart

Authentic Relationships


Group Chats





The technology that our company has created is the sole reason I am able to do over $20M in sales volume without an assistant or transaction coordinator. It streamlines my business and keeps everything in one organized location. ABE is Amazing!

Justin Dalrymple

Custom Software

Constant Development






My previous office was overcrowded with inexperienced agents who were constantly coming and going. Now I work with many great agents, who have also become great friends. 

Scarlett Wheat

Selective Hiring

More Experience

More Sales


Faster Sales


It’s obvious to everyone how quickly the industry is changing, but most companies aren’t keeping up. I am constantly seeing our leadership thinking ahead of the trends people are talking about now. 

Heather Chesley

Innovative Mindset

Advanced Technology

Strong leadership


The splits at Mainframe are straight-forward and competitive, especially for the value and support we receive in return. Plus, with the opportunities of the revenue share program, we can build our business larger than ever before. 

Jennifer Piper + Lisa Morgan

Up to 95% commIssion

Revenue Share Program

Simple Math


The support that I receive at Mainframe has been an integral part to the growth of my real estate career. I strategically chose this brokerage for the intimate environment. At any point I can have a meaningful conversation with the broker and be heard.

Katie Bray

Broker Hotline

Tech Support

Professional Network



At Mainframe, we have in-house design services and a selection of high-end, quality marketing materials and products, all at our fingertips, through ABE. And, the options are continuously updated. Just when I think of something new to add to our amazing marketing products, my innovative brokers and support team have already thought of it! 
Carla Stanton

Agent Centric

One-Click Marketing

Print + Digital

Design Services


Part of the reason my business keeps growing is because of the environment I am in.  All the agents I work with support my growth, the broker supports my growth, and I am constantly inspired by watching the company innovating and always getting better.

Liz Jones

Increasing Market Share


Supportive Environment

Florida Expansion


Mainframe cares about presentation in every way. There’s virtually no other company with such a clean and modern brand.  

Most importantly, like any other comprehensive “brand,” Mainframe promotes goodwill by caring about its customers and agents.  

Nicole Mickle


Modern + Clean




Positive Reputation

We are a Bold Brokerage

And we know that the idea of changing brokerages is serious business. So, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Whether or not you are thinking about a change, bright agents deserve to learn about Mainframe Real Estate. 

Contact our broker and COO, John Russell, below for a confidential and no-pressure introduction to Mainframe Real Estate


Message the BrokerCall the Private Line: 407.588.7922

We’re Expanding in Florida

We’ve created exciting opportunities for agents that participate in the expansion in Florida.

Ask the Broker about the limited opportunity available in new markets. 

Florida Headquarters
811 N Orange Ave Orlando, FL 32801

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