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Moving over to Mainframe has been the best decision I’ve made for my real estate business. The support my team and I receive from Mainframe has given me the confidence to make both my business and customer transactions successful. All of my questions regarding marketing, technology, or even legal advice, are always addressed quickly and proficiently. The support is truly unmatched.
Kathy Hereford

Broker Hotline
Tech Support
Professional Network
Agent Experience


I am so incredibly lucky to work at a firm that is so supportive and inclusive with a culture that is second to none. I am absolutely in the right place. I never have had more fun getting to know such an amazing group of people.
Beth Hobart

Authentic Relationships
Group Chats
Shared Opportunities


The technology at Mainframe is constantly evolving and keeping up with what I need in my business. ABE automates and streamlines my business in a way no other software can.
Justin Dalrymple

Custom Software
Constant Development


Mainframe provides a simple marketing center where I can get almost any marketing need with no more than the click of my mouse. Whether I need print materials for a listing or digital materials to promote my business, having an in-house marketing department saves me time and money so I can focus on my business!
LaShawn Norden

Agent Centric
Click Marketing
Print + Digital
Design Services


At Mainframe, I'm surrounded by successful and knowledgeable agents in the industry who enhance my growth. By sharing ideas, opportunities, and knowledge, our collective expertise benefits every customer we work with.
Jessica Polanco

Selective Hiring
More Experience
More Sales
Faster Sales


The Mainframe brand conveys what our customers value most; professionalism, innovation, and a strong reputation in the market. Thanks to our brand, I am able to confidently connect with the buyers and sellers of today who are both discerning and tech savvy.
Nicole Rader

Modern + Simple
Luxurious + Sophisticated
Positive Reputation


It’s exciting to be with a company that is always thinking of new ways to approach the industry. Things are evolving faster than ever and I feel empowered to work with a company that is always on the leading edge.
Alie Gattis

Innovative Mindset
Advanced Technology
Strong Leadership


The splits at Mainframe are fair and transparent, especially for the value and support we receive in return. Plus, with the opportunities of the revenue share program, we can build our business larger than ever before.
Jennifer Piper + Lisa Morgan

Up to 95% Commission
Revenue Share Plan
Simple Math


At Mainframe, the support and services I receive not only help me to grow my sales, but there’s also endless opportunities to grow my career with the company.
Bobby Poth

Increasing Market Share
Supportive Environment
Florida Expansion

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