Stuart Coutu

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Moving to Central Florida from Vermont in 1995 and having lived in Longwood and Downtown Orlando, Stuart has witnessed the growth of Seminole county and the progress of the ever changing Orlando skyline.

Stuart began in sales and finance working as a salesperson for an automotive fleet remarketing company in 1999. Working in retail automotive sales Stuart was always the top producer of the company and had the highest referral rate, and the largest repeat customer group. Advancing to sales and finance manager until promoted again to General Manager of the fleet remarketing company in 2005. Stuart was responsible for millions of dollars of sales consistently. In the 15 years with the company, Stuart, developed many loyal customers, friends and business contacts. Stuart’s tremendous success with the company was a direct result of his respect for his customers and business associates as well as the deal process itself.

Striving to make sure the clients needs are met and that timely responses are made ensure for making your real estate transactions close as smooth as possible. Understanding that questions arise at all hours Stuart does his best to make himself available always. Understanding and clear communication between buyer and agent is imperative. The importance of promptly addressing any issues that may arise during the process of purchase or sale is also imperative and something Stuart clearly understands.

Having lived in College Park, several downtown Orlando buildings, and various locations in Seminole county, Stuart is well versed on the area. This will allow him to assist you in finding the right property to fit your needs.

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