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As a native to the Central Florida area, Mike has had the opportunity to learn, work, and play in all that the Orlando area has had to offer. In addition to being a graduate of the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) where he studied marketing, advertising, public relations and design, Mike has had experience working within the hospitality industry (Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort) and as an award winning 6-12 Teacher, both of which prepared him for a successful career in Real Estate. Those experiences gave Mike the opportunity to guide both guests and students through tasks with attention to detail and diligence, qualities that will help buyers with the selling or purchase of their homes. Mike attended the Institute of Florida Real Estate Careers (IFREC), a leader in Florida real estate education. As a member of the National Association of Realtors, Florida Association of Realtors and Orlando Regional Realtor Association, it is Mike’s goal to utilize his experience and foresight to proactively guide you through the process of real estate buying and selling, representing clients to the best of his ability, and to make the process fluid and exciting for all involved.

When Mike is not involved in Real Estate, you can find him making delicious food with his

fun-loving family, on stage as a theatre performer, reading a Harry Potter book, taking photos as

a published photographer, attending a UCF football game, or eating pizza… lots of pizza.

Mike looks forward to working with you to facilitate a successful and hassle-free transaction!

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