Matt Stephens

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Although a Columbus, Ohio native, Matt has lived the majority of his life here in the State of

Florida. After graduating from Apopka High School, Matt went on to pursue a business career,

earning a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Florida State College of

Jacksonville. Regardless of the stage of his life, one thing has always been consistent – his zest

for competition and doing whatever it takes to be successful in sports, earning a degree, and now

for clients; it truly is his passion.

Matt has always enjoyed a career in sales, using his competitive drive to pursue market growth,

knowledge and customer satisfaction. As a Realtor, whether it be providing a reliable and

informative resource to questions, marketing knowledge, or facilitating a stress-free and exciting

process, Matt is dedicated to the job. He is determined to not only achieving but exceeding your

goals for a home-buying, selling or rental experience.

Matt’s professional passion is also present in his personal life, as his 3-year old daughter Kinsley

is one of the biggest drivers of his motivation to succeed. He is happily engaged and planning a

wedding with his fiance, Liz and is a pet father to two dogs, Bella, and Deisel, and three

chickens, Eliza, Jane, and Matilda. He is also a sports fanatic, following the Ohio State

Buckeyes as a tribute to his hometown.

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